[Feature Request] New Drum Machine


I created this topic some weeks before new forum was created, I copied my topic and want continue it in public discusion. You can add here another ideas if you like to add.

as I can’t find any forum for software (this is for V Collection only as I see) therefore I post it there.

My idea is for new drum machine software (vst and standalone) which will be similar to Pigments (in visual part especially for GUI).

  • It will have 16 or 32 pads for drum sounds, maybe make it modular like and user can decide how many drum pads need?
  • Each pad can hold several sound generators (some inherited from Pigments?)
    • sampler
    • FM
    • virtual analog
    • spectral
    • resynth (load samples as spectral / harmonics)
    • I can imagine to have some modules from Spark 2
    • those generators can by stacked, that means user can add multiple samplers in one pad or mix them all togheter (3x samples 1x FM 4x VA in one pad)
  • Each sound generator will have
    • filter section (minimum two selectable filters, maybe it can aslo be inherited from Pigments?)
    • ADSR (for each generator, that means if pad will have 4x sampler, each sampler will have own ADSR) with option to edit ADSR for all generators in pad.
      and last FX section for pad
    • Additional ADSR and MSEGs for control pitch, amp / volume, etc…
  • Sequencer, it is not necessary for me, maybe in first release it doesn’t have to be, but I can imagine that someone will appreciate it. Also if there will be some, I would like it to have also some automation for internal fx for pad (if pad will have some FX inside)
  • Slice mode - it load sample and turn each slice into pad (with sliced sample in sampler generator) and aslo generate a correct time sequence in sequencer (if there will be). Then each slice (pad) can be edited to own wish. For example change some pad from sample into another generator.
  • And last include good samples, maybe from Spark?

This is only general idea, I can imagine more details but I think for start it is enough. Also if someone have another ideas, feel free post some here.



@Arturia: Is there news regarding a drum machine or at least a VST?

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Hi @Obelix and thanks again for all your feedback :metal:

Thanks for sharing your ideas to improve our Software instruments.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it. Let’s see what they are preparing for the future and hopefully they will make your dreams come true!

Best :zap:


Why don¡t use Spark 2? It is an amazing product which lacks some love, like a resizable GUI. Only for Spark 3 I will update to Arturia collection.


Because of non existing resizable GUI. It is hard working on 4k monitor without resizable GUI.

Btw. those ideas for new drum machine is not strickly for new product, it can be aplied for Spark 3 (for example). But for the completly user interface change (similar to Pigments) I suggest it as new product.


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But maybe it’s easier to use the code of Spark 2. It has many features. It just needs some cosmetic changes. I don’t know what it’s easier. I would love the es product will have at least all the Spark 2 features. I think the V Collection needs a drum synth/sample. I will upgrade to the next V Collection only if a drum synth is added. I am more than happy with what offers now synth wise.

I agree silikonanswer, it is underrated.
I spent some time programming the modular with good results, imo.

Maybe more compatibility with Bst in Prefs. My Spark controler died a few weeks before the one year garantee. Since it is not in production anymore, Arturia gave me a rebate on the BstPro. Despite being more powerful, I sometimes miss the old Spark controller.

It is hard to say if it is easier. Sometimes it is better start write new code. Of course, the sound engine can be reused. Everything depends how it is written.

Today Collection V 10 was released with no drum machine. Why? :cry:. Arturia you are the best, give us a new Spark :zap::pray:t2:


Another day, another version of V Collection, and still Spark sits unloved by Arturia. It is a damn shame.


I was just Playing around with the Spark Demo around a week and thought, why the hell did they take if off the market?.. I seethe Drumbrute impact for 300$ new, usually, but the actual Hardware for spark was cheaper? Doesn’t make sense.
I’ve been wanting to get many drum machines (aka just 1) for months now bc my Impact has not much sound but very good sequencing. The Roland Tr-8s or even the 6s have my attention, The Korg Drumlogue has dropped almost half in price but still looks kinda ehhhh.
I keep patient and haven’t got a Roland b,c with my luck, a New Fancy Arturia DB2 will come out or another spark. I wish they (Arturia) can at least tell us if something is in the works… So for now and after Christmas its back to the drumbrute or my Volca Drum…

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Put me down for one of these too. Something that would do the classics would be great, as with your other products, you’d want to build on top of those basics too.

For example, traditionally a lot of drum machines, and kit pieces were resampled by artists maybe using an SP12 or an Akai sampler. It would be great to model the slightly bit crushed and distorted characteristics of these units so people can have access to that “resampled” sound as well.

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Spark 2 badly needs that resizable GUI.


I’d also love to see a drum machine in the V-collection… CR-78, Linn, Roland… all in one plugin.
Along side all the classic synths it seems to be one very important vintage instrument missing.

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Absolutely. Don’t forget the DMX & 707/727 either, most people do.


It already exists, it’s called Spark 2, but it’s been languishing unloved by Arturia since V Collection 5. You can however still download it, providing you can tolerate its non-resizable GUI on modern monitors. I only use my monitor on 1920x1018 anyway, but I know many people use 4K+ these days.

Ok thanks. I seemed to have missed that one along the way as it’s not part of the V-Collection

Yeah it used to be. It was dropped in VC5, and since then it has received virtually no love from Arturia other than a 64-bit upgrade and compatibility with Apple Silicon. It’s kinda weird, and sad, that Arturia chose to exclude it from VC5 onwards, then basically abandon it.


Its abandonment is borderline criminal, especially with nothing to replace it. It sounds great with a fantastic library. I don’t know what we have to do to help Arturia understand there is a lot of love for it out there and it’s not too late to revive it.

Make it proper Silicon compatible and a resizeable GUI and they would placate a lot of people immediately.

Maybe Arturia see it as a competitor to their Drumbrute line, but it’s a different kettle of fish.

Please listen Arturia.

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