[Feature Request] Multiple Instances - Train Keylab Controllers to Swap Instrument Instances


I recently purchased the Keylab 61 MkII as I already owned Pigments and V-Collections 7 and 9. I have a multiple computer (PC and Mac) setup, using Reaper and Logic Pro X on different ones. I’ve realised that it seems not to be possible to open a project with say, Analog Lab Pro and let’s say Pigments on separate tracks and train the Keylab to move between them, without disabling/removing one. Also, if I swap the Keylab to the other computer, with the DAW and an Arturia instrument already running, I don’t seem to be able to get the Keylab to talk to the instrument without restarting the DAW.

It seems that on starting or restarting whichever DAW, or loading a single instance, some Sysex is sent to the Keylab to tell it (In Analog Lab mode), which instrument to display on the Keylab screen. If Analog Lab and say, Pigments are both loaded on the DAW when it’s started, then one of them wins the fight and the other loses out. If I am correct about this, then would the solution be to put a ‘ping’ button on the Arturia instruments, to resend that code from the specific instance, in order to retrain the Keylab to know which one to display/control? This would prevent two things:

  1. Having to restart the DAW when the keyboard is swapped from one computer to another
  2. Stop the clash between instruments and allow the use of the Keylab with multiple instances of Arturia instruments inside one DAW.

Is this possible and would Arturia consider implementing it?

Many thanks,



I don’t know how you switch between computers using one controller. But your DAW’s clearly loose the connection. They probably will, if you disconnect the controller from a computer. Your DAW’s might have a RECONNECT function in the controller setup settings, that might work, so you don’t have to restart the DAW’s to reconnect.

In Arturias software you have Analog Lab, that can be said to be a multiinstrument, where you can control two instruments.

You can have multiple instances of instruments in a DAW. Just create a track for each new instance. Don’t use the same instance. Perhaps your DAW’s even have a multiinstrument option to have multiple instruments on the same track. My DAW have. I don’t know about your DAW’s.

Otherwise the rest is about the possibilities your DAW’s offer. So it’s about learning that first.

Not sure if there are any wonder solotions out there. Perhaps others can tell.

Good luck to find your way.