[Feature Request] Midi-Map/Remote Control for "Mark as Favourite"

i mean yeah the title basically says it all. I REALLY would love to be able to brose through presets from my midi controller and just taggin my favourites, without having to use the mouse. I think it’d be rather easy to implement and such a huge improvement, looking at the maount of presets in AL.

In the same manner, i guess it would be cool to make “Adding a colour” remote-controllable. Nobody likes using mouse, especially when its like 2-3 clicks just to add a colour.

so. thanks, i guess.

Hi @weasel79 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

We’ll keep this marked as a feature request, I can see a few people wanting this.

Meanwhile, what I do personally is to select a preset with the mouse, but then use the up/down arrows on my QWERTY keyboard to navigate them, ok it’s not exactly what you’re after; but it’s less time using the mouse.

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thanks mat,
i am aware of that. matter of fact, mapping “next/prev” preset to midi is easy to do right now, so no mouse/keyboard needed for that at all. just the “mark as” is not mappable…

Hi, as a workaround until this is added, you may want to consider translating your MIDI message to the shortcut Ctrl+L which toggles favorite. The con with this is that you have to have Analog Lab open.