[Feature Request] MCC to support multiple controllers from same range

Currently (at least for Key Lab Essential 3, where I have been testing multiple models) MCC sees any and all connected devices from the same range as one device. This is a known feature and limitation of MCC (by design).

Feature Request: make sure that MCC sees individual different devices from the same range as individual devices to control, for example if a user has a 49-note synth-style keyboard and an 88-note piano-style keyboard from the same range, they should be seen as different devices which can be managed and controlled by MCC when both connected. Ideally this should be the default behaviour of MCC across all device ranges.

Use Case: although having two (or more) devices from the same range is probably a pretty limited use case, a more likely scenario is where there is a synth-style and piano-style keyboard in a range, so there are reasons why a user might want to have two different style keyboards from the range - especially if they are wanting to make use of the tight integration of them with V Collection from them both.

Why Important: if the design of the software in any areas covering the DAW integration scripts, MCC, Analog Lab and V Collection integration, etc. precludes having multiple devices from the same range, then you are making it hard for those (admittedly small) number of users who might want both an 88-note and a 49/61-note device from the same range.


Hi @TheAndyMac

Yes, this could be a really useful feature!

We’ll keep it marked as a feature request to let our Devs know.

Yes please.

MCC should allow the used to select which unit to control when multiple ones of the same model are connected.