[Feature Request] FX Collection Wishlist

The FX Collection has slowly been replacing all of the other plug-ins I used to use, only a few gaps in the collection remaining now :smiley:

I thought I’d throw out a few requests for the devs, and would be interested to hear if anybody else had any interesting wants and requests of their own.

Tube Tremolo: I’d love to see a vintage tube tremolo plug-in with a few simplistic controls, similar to the JUN-6. A great and lesser seen emulation option would be of the Silvertone 1482 tube amp tremolo. Rate, Strength, and Drive controls is all it’d need, and that cool silvertone visual aesthetic.

Tape Machine: I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see Arturia throw their hats into the reel-to-reel tape machine emulation game. The collection IK Multimedia created are amazing, but the controls aren’t very intuitive at all. I think Arturia could outdo their collection.

Tape-201 Envelope Follower: The other delays in the collection have this feature, and I recently discovered it can be used to create a ducking delay feature within the plug-in. I’d love to see this integrated onto the Tape-201 delay so I can finally permanently ditch Valhalla.

Looking forward to future releases!


Hey @moonlightfiasco welcome to the Sound Explorers community!

Wow, it looks like you are enjoying to explore the FX collection a lot :headphones:
Thanks for your feature requests, we will let our team know about it.

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Let’s keep exploring! :zap:

I agree with you @moonlightfiasco
Arturia FX are my go to effects on everything, with a few select additions from others like IKM, SoundToys, Sonible and AudioThing. I definitely think that Arturia could create a brilliant Tape Emulation (although TAIP is pretty good too).

I would love to see something like Analog Lab V for the FX Collection.
Similar to the SoundToys Effect Rack, or IKM Suite. Allowing us to create multi-effects chains of the Arturia plugins. That would be amazing.

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i agree too

I would love that in future versions they would bring out emulations of maybe yamaha hardware effects or some channel strips.

by the moment my favorite plugin is the Efx Fragments

Id love for some emulations of the Warp Factory, Mo-FX, and Filter Factory for the FX collections.

tape machine for me as well