[Feature Request] Changing sequences via automation?

I’m using Acid V in Ableton Live. Say I have one pattern/sequence that is playing by making a midi clip and putting a legato note in my piano roll to play the sequence I made in Acid V. I then want to play a variant of this, so I make a new sequence and save that under a new name.

How do I tell Ableton Live to change which sequence it should play in the track?
In ABL-3 different sequences are hooked up to notes on the piano roll so I would just start from the lowest and make my sequences. And then change sequence by playing different notes. But that is used for transposing in Acid V.

I tried the drag n drop to midi but that only copies notes, not slides, accents etc.

So, tl;dr: How do I tell my DAW to automatically play different sequences in a project?

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Hey @obbekjaer jaer welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

AFAIK the only way to do it at the moment is to export the midi from Acid V and use that instead of the internal sequencer.
I’ll mark this as a feature request.

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Thank you!

Yes, it would be a really handy feature especially since the midi export, as I noted, only seems to export the notes and not any other info like slide, accents, etc. At least not what I have found.

I am quite honestly baffled as to why this isn’t already in the software since it’s a very basic but integral part of the original 303 and any clones I’ve come across. I hope the devs are of the same opinion as I really like the sound and other features of Acid V :slight_smile:

+1 for this, great idea.

There are a couple of things already available with midi though. You can get accents by giving the midi note a velocity above the cutoff. In Acid V settings (the cog button) there’s a setting called Accent Velocity Threshold, I think it defaults to 100 and any notes above that are accented.

Also slides are available, the notes have to overlap a bit. If they’re quantized they don’t slide.

I haven’t found a way to get vibrato to work. Also, the decay knob doesn’t seem to do anything in Ext mode.

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I agree 303%

This is my number 1 Featue Request. I can’t work without this, as I guess as many users.
Very strange in fact that this has not been natively implemented.

Back to Phoscyon for now untill some changes comes, but still playing with Acid V for fun :slight_smile:

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Hi @tom welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

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Hi all,

As a user i certainly back-up a way to change at least some stored patterns on the fly using midi CC and automation.
I would like to keep the keys working as they do now though.

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You mean keyboard dedicated to the note changing instead of MIDI triggering?
I think that both Key notes and MIDI triggering are possible with the addition of a switch button on the plugin

Oh, I missed that about the accent/velocity. I’ll have to try that one out, as well as the overlapping notes (should have guessed that one really as others use that).

In EXT mode: As it is now you can only use Modwheel for Vibrato, Velocity for Accent, and Legato playing for Slide. It would be nice, if it also worked when clicking the buttons.
Lets keep order in the topics. Please open a new thread, if you want this to be discussed further or to add a feature request or a bug report as the buttons are mentioned in the manual to work in EXT mode.

Yes i think it’s a great addition to be able to transpose sequences and play ARPs by playing a key on a keyboard. Also it’s possible to play single notes in EXT mode.

I wan’t to be able to both transpose and play ARPs playing midi notes - and to change patterns from my midi controller and from using automation from my host at the same time.

Off coarse the inactive white on the GUI keys could be buttons instead to change patterns. Not sure this is a good idea.
I believe the original also had black numbered areas under the keys, that also could be added as buttons. I think that’s better.
Off coarse keyswitches could be used, but that can be clumsy as it’s using midi notes.
I think there might as well can be a more clever way to implement the/ a pattern change functionality.

I personaly would rather like the midi notes to trigger the internal patterns even if it means that you can’t use the keyboard of the plugin to change the notes as you still can transpose them with the Up and Down Shift buttons.
I am pretty sure that it won’t be a problem to have a button allowing to switch between a Keyboard mode (to play the notes) and a Host mode (to trigger the patterns in your DAW)

The sequencer MIDI triggering is my opinion the most needed update.
I don’t believe that any die hard Acid producer could live without that

The up/down shift buttons transpose an entire octave though. As it is now, you can transpose semitones.

I just tried the midi drag n drop thing again and this time it worked for me. I forgot to turn off the sequencer the first time so it just played those notes with no movement whatsoever and sounded flat. Once I correctly disabled the sequencer and let it play the midi notes, it sounded correct with accents and slides.
So that is definitely a viable option to my original issue. I guess it takes a bit getting used to compared to the “old way” of selecting sequences, and I see a few others on that side, so maybe the feature request isn’t that bad after all :slight_smile:

The original did’nt use Midi notes i assume. The keys was probably just used as buttons, when changing patterns, and not as a keyboard sending notes. It was a little instrument where many things was done to save space.
I don’t wan’t midi notes to change patterns. Using midi notes for that i don’t think would be correct to the original functionality either i believe.

Using buttons to transpose only is not as good as using the keyboard. But i would like that there where both octave, semitones, play, stop, and step back controls that can be controlled by midi CC and host automation parameters. But that’s an additional feature request.

I can’t agree…

How do you work in a full Acid project then? Do you open an instance of Acid V for each pattern that you have? Or may be you drag and drop the patterns into your Midi/Instrument track? I don’t like that way of producing. Starting to quibble to getting Slide, accent, vibrato and so on working… that’s a waist of time…

Any top 303 emulation plugin offers the ability of midi trigger the pattern sequencer, because, probably it is probably the best way

Why not? You mean, MIDI notes from the midi editor of your DAW right?
This way:

If by Original functionality you mean close to the original 303 behavior, I don’t see the interest…
Plugins have facilitated the process by using MIDI triggering for instance

I think i allready have explained what you ask about.
It has nothing to do with exporting sequences. I don’t know where you get i talk about using that. I don’t. No reason to support the external pattern change feature request, if i wanted that.
But i want the feature and ACID V as a whole to be useful in a Live and recording performance too, not just when sending messages from a DAW. I wnat it to work optimal even when ACID V is used as a standalone unit outside a host. Here export pattern have no use at all.

I mean midi notes both from a keyboard/ Midi controller and from a DAW.

I’m sure Arturia will decide what they think is best, if they implement a Pattern Change feature that can be controlled externally.

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Let’s hope so

Have you looked at “Scaler 2” to do this?
… my apologies if this is not relevant as I do not use ACID…

I have Scaler 2 but, hey, I won’t use Scaler to do this if not native on Acid V…
I rather like to use Phoscyon 2 untill such time.

That’s a pity because this single missing feature is making Acid V useless for me for the moment unless I change the way I work by exporting the midi sequence…