[Feature Request] Changing sequences via automation?

Perhaps a bit counterintuitive to the feature request, but then again - why not both? I got a freak idea last night to feed Ableton Live’s arp into Acid V running without the internal sequencer and it really worked out better than expected. Especially in a live/jamming session where I could change the melody instantly. Adding a chord effect before it all, made it even easier and I’d always stay in the selected chord type. And experimenting with how hard I hit the notes I could add accents as well. A bit tricky, but definitely doable.
I also still had the gate length option - not in Acid V as it’s part of the sequencer that I disabled, but in the Live ARP effect. At some point I thought that this felt just like when I had an SH-01a for a while. Add the sub bass and I got even closer to that.

So just as a thumbs up to how Arturia did this, enabling us to send midi from outside Acid V. I can definitely see why they wanted this. It’s something I never realised I missed until I tried it. But again, for old schoolers the pattern change feature still totally makes sense as well.

I also vote for a way to automate sequences changes inside Acid V.
Cheers !

Hi @ollieold and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

This does seem to be quite a popular request so your post is noted.

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Just to add my vote for this. Loving Acid V, its my first TB303 VST since Rebirth, but the lack of pattern selection via midi CC is a real downer and makes it very awkward to work with when you are used to programming/selecting patterns.

I think the suggestion to add a toggle to allow midi keys to either ‘select the pattern’ or ‘transpose the sequence’ is probably the easiest route, though I’d guess we’ll need a way to assign sequences to patterns too, perhaps in the sequence browser.

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HI @NoiseCrime and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying The Acid V, it IS a lot of fun!
Thanks for your suggestions too, always good to hear feedback from the community. :grin:

Hallo, upgraded to V Collection X recently and playing around with Acid. Great plugin but … Yes, I am also desperately looking for a better way to control Acid via midi.

I did try the midi export. But I have to say that it absolutely does not sound like the underlying sequence. Are there any more tips how to make the exported midi sound exactly like the original sequence. It looks like it has something to do with the note lengths and mabye with velocity.
So to be honest the midi export is a little bit of a downer right now.
I’m sorry to say but the whole midi functionality is a bit of a disappointment.
Please, please fix that asap :pray:!

Kind regards, Peter

Hi @PWunderland and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

That’s odd, last time I used this it performed perfectly.
Are you somehow filtering out midi Cc’s somewhere in your DAW possibly?
What DAW are you using?

Hallo @matjones
I’m using Cubase 12. Not that I’m aware that there is some filtering.
Acid V loaded via NI Komplete Kontrol.

Here is what the sequence sounds

I export the sequence to midi. And switch to “EXT” and play.
And this is what it sounds

Kind regards, Peter

PS: The embeded player does not seem to play the file. But you can right click and copy the audio link and this should work.

HI @PWunderland and thanks for posting those examples.
I’m not able to test this myself for the next day or two i’m afraid, But if anyone else is able to please do.
I will try to reproduce on my own system in the next few days when i have time though.

I tried a MIDI export of the Abyss preset sequence and the initial result does not sound the same as just holding a single note in the VST.

First, you have to disable the Acid V Sequencer when you play your own MIDI clip, or else each new MIDI note will re-trigger the internal sequence.

Second, each MIDI note also re-triggers the MODULATION envelopes, whereas using a held note in the VST keeps the envelopes running a single time. This can be sort-of imitated by changing the Modulation Mode to Run, but this will cause the envelope to repeat (which it doesn’t do for a Hold note).

When in Mode: One, a nice additional Retrig option would be None, where the envelope starts on Play but only runs a single time.

Thanks for your effort.

What do you mean with disable the Acid V Sequencer?
I press the EXT button. Manual says that “External mode disables Acid V’s own pattern capabilities if you want to sequence it in a DAW”. So my expectation is that this is sufficient.

For the sequence in my example I disabled all the modulators. So when playing my sequence all modulators are off.

Yes, the EXT button works for that.

OK, I figured it out.
This is what the export to Midi generates.

There are two problems with this.
The overlap for the slides is to short.
And the generated midi is one octave to low.

So this plays just fine.

The fix is to

  1. Increase the note length of the overlapping notes a bit.
  2. Transform the notes one octave up.

I don’t know if this is only a problem in Cubase.
But maybe the export to midi can be adjusted a little bit.
Thanks, Peter