[Feature Request] Batch Editing Parameters in MIDI Control Center?

Dear Arturia,

While I commend the many ways you’ve incorporated advanced features into affordable MIDI controllers, why on earth haven’t you added a batch edit feature in MCC to allow us to change a given parameter for multiple pads/knobs/faders at the same time?

For example, say I’m mapping a user program on my Beatstep, and I want to change all of the knobs to the same MIDI channel (or to the global channel). This feature is still lacking for my Minilab 3 too (despite your great efforts to integrate DAW functions with built-in scripting). It’s such a simple concept with many precedents in GUIs for all sorts of other devices. And it would make such a huge difference for user workflow!

I regularly find myself needing to create custom maps for various purposes, and I get frustrated by having to click every single knob or pad in MCC to change a parameter that needs to be the same on many of them. This also sometimes results in errors where I accidentally miss a paramater as I tediously click them one-by-one.

Can you please update MCC to make it so that the user can select multiple items within a given controller (pads, knobs, faders)—then have it so any parameter common to all selected items (such as “output” message, trigger “type”, “midi channel”, or “note”/“cc” value) can be batch edited?

Please & Thank You
<3 yeshua

Hey @yeshua welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

  • Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.

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