[Feature Request] Autopan effect

It would be nice having an autopan effect in the Minifreak, either in the FX section or as some new parameter that you can assign an LFO to, in the matrix.


Hey @molul we’re glad to see you here!
Indeed it could be nice this improvement. Thanks for your feature request, we will let our team know about it.

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Hi, great idea!

I would also add a pan subtype which assign both oscillators to each channel, keeping the rotating effect driven by LFO/matrix

Like other FX types, it would have Rate, Depth and Ratio parameters, with subtypes

  • Default (OSC1+2)
  • Stereo (OSC1=L, OSC2=R)
  • Mono (only 1 OSC)

and X-fader effect which blends L to R and R to L in same time, resulting a weird mixing effect like we’re panning each channel to other
not sure it would really usable but sure fun to R&D :wink:


Both good ideas.

Of course there’s always modulation of the Pan parameter, but this would be a nice simple workflow improvement.

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