[Feature Request] Atmos Surround Monitoring Control

Hey Arturia. Had my AudioFuse Studio a while now and totally love it but there is one feature some of your close competitors have introduced that would make it perfect.

I recently reconfigured my studio to mix in 7.1.4 Atmos for Apple Music deliverables, and have to say that the AF Studio coupled with a Behringer ADA8200 for additional outputs is working great with the Dolby Atmos Renderer. All the routing between Pro Tools, Dolby and the AudioFuse is rock solid stable and doing a great job!

The only downside is that to set up in this way I have to make sure that all audio outputs are set to 0dB in the Control Centre and use the software monitoring controls from the renderer. This obviously means disabling the sound output from MacOS via the Audiofuse as well otherwise it is dangerously loud!

Can you please allow output level linking as a function through control centre so I can select any of the 18 outputs to assign to the main volume knob on the device and they all are controlled simultaneously? At the very least just making it possible to have any output level control for the ADAT channels in the same way as for the DAW / USB outputs would be good so I could drop the levels for all the outputs both analogue and ADAT down by say 10dB just for safety?

UAD, Focusrite, Avid have all issued software / firmware updates now for exactly this kind of Surround monitoring using the interface outputs so surely this is this something that could be implemented with an update?

There are other software based options now available such as Ground Control Sphere which would do the exact job but it seems such a shame to have a great device in front of me with a physical “output level” dial that I can’t use! Maybe even making this available as a MIDI controller or eucon would then allow me to use it in an alternative software based setup.

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Hi @c0c0p0ps we’re glad to see you here!

Thanks for your feedback, indeed it could be nice this improvement.
We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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