[Feature Request] Ability to use "Monitor level control" to adjust the signal level on all outputs!

Please add to the program: “MiniFuse Control Center” an option that includes the ability to use the knob: “Monitor level control” - influence the signal volume level on all four outputs at once! If this option is enabled, then using this knob you can control the signal level on all four outputs, and if it is disabled, then as now only outputs 1 and 2!

Constantly opening the program “MiniFuse Control Center” on your computer and separately adjusting the main level for outputs 3 and 4 is completely inconvenient!

Hi @leonid.t

Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll mark this as a Feature Request for you so our team sees it.

I made a similar request ages ago for the AudioFuse Studio to allow linking of all outputs including ADAT to enable proper Atmos Monitoring.