Multiple plug-ins in the FX Collection would benefit from have an adjustable THD setting. I would love the ability to introduce more harmonics into certain plug-ins without having to push them hard, such as the TUBE-STA.

Here is an example of how it could be implemented:

The Pre-1973 has also been shown to have quite low harmonics by default, much lower than competing brand’s versions of the hardware. Sometimes even by pushing the input drive to maximum, the desired amount of saturation can’t be reached.

An adjustable THD setting would solve this. 50% could be the original hardware, then a scrollable range through 0% (clean) to 100% (dirty).

I’d love to see this implemented onto the following:

  • PRE-1973
  • COMP-DIODE-609 (Input drive doesn’t seem to do a lot)
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HI @moonlightfiasco

Thanks for the ideas, we’ll keep this marked as a feature request so our team are aware of it.