[Feature Request] add progress bar/loading spinner when loading a vst

Hi forum,

i find it really annoying that there are lots of instruments, especially in the (layered) piano section, that don’t give instant feedback when switching on. I often have to press lots keys until the instrument is fully loaded and sounds like its meant. I am not sure how loading is done in the background, but i would it appreciate to have some progressbar notification when the vst preset is fully loaded.

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Hi @noob

Great to see you’ve made it here to the new Sound Explorers Forum.

Loading times are different over different systems, it depends on how fast your system is; particularly your hard or solid state drives. Hard drives are rather slow in comparison to solid state drives and the newer generations of solid state drives can be much faster than earlier ones.

My own system is purely SSD (Solid State Drive) based apart from my audio drive and apart from sample heavy virtual instruments such as Mellotron V, Trilian, BFD3 etc, loading times are generally a fraction of a second.

Things like antivirus software can show loading times DRASTICALLY.

Hope that helps explain some of it.

Of course though, you’re still perfectly entitled to ask for your feature request! :sunglasses:

Hi matjones,

my system is driven by a 2TB firecuda 530 SSD and 32GB Ram. Most presets will load immediatly, but there are enough (augemented) piano presets that don’t load instantly and needs some seconds. I dont use any additional anti virus software.

I am also owning Sample Tank from ik multimedia an there are piano samples over 3GB. Those samples take 1-5 seconds to load, but at least there is a progress bar.


HI again @noob

Ok, i see, we’ll keep this logged as a feature request so our team are aware of it.