[Featrure Request] Converting and using V3 patches in V4

Is there a simple way to convert V3 patches into V4 patches like the patch converter Arturia had back in 2016 I think it was? Until such time as that might happen I could have both synths open at the same time and read the settings for each control from V3 and set the same control in V4. Given that a whole bunch of stuff has changed between the 2 versions how much success could I expect to have? Or is this a fool’s errand?

I know I started another thread here about pulling v3 patches into v4 but I didn’t want to piggy-back onto that one if I could help it. Along these same lines there are several soundbanks that have CS80 patches and they don’t say which version (v3 or v4) they are for. Assuming they’re v3 is there any possibility of those being reworked by Arturia for v4?

Hi @jackn2mpu
I’m afraid the only way to do this, that i’m aware of, is the method you suggest above.
I can mark this as a feature request for you though.

That would be great if you can do that. I understand that there will be sound differences but the bulk of things should work (oh my aching fingers and hope the mouse doesn’t wear out). Now if I could only figure out a control that would give me finer control with said mouse. :grinning: