Exploration Presets

Sorry, this relates to Pigments 5, but there is no tag yet.

Is anyone else having trouble installing the three new exploration preset packs? Normally after I purchase they show up in the store tab in the pigments plugin and In can just install them.

I had to install these manually using the exe files from my account space. They are now showing, but with no pack art.


Same here. I had to do it manually too and no art either. I thought it was a Mac compatibility issue, I’m running it on a 10.15. Anyway, thanks for the tip!

I am also experiencing the same issue. I am unable to locate the explorations bundle through Pigments store or in the Arturia Software Center. That is what brought me here today. I am on Windows 11.

Same thing here! (Windows 11 as well)

Hi all,

Sometimes when a new product is launched, then there in my exsperience for different reasons unfortunately can be issues. A little patience is normally all it takes. Perhaps untill the next day.
Product sites need to be created, download links etablished and perhaps other maintenance and on top of that a whole lot of traffic.
It’s for example also not unlikely soundpacks is’nt in the application store at first either or sometimes on the Sounds page.

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Usually these things are done before taking peoples money :slight_smile:

If I was new to arturia, I would have had no clue about the manual install option. Its not a great experience….

Would be really annoyed if I’d paid the full for these and they weren’t available to install


Thanks for the update LBH, I appreciate it. Will wait and continue to monitor to see once the Exploration Bundle shows up in Analog Lab Pro for installation.

Thanks @Amado.
I can see the 3 new Pigments presets packs in my application store now.


There it is, for me too LBH. Nice. Thank you :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Will manually uninstall the manually installed version, and then install via the store.

You don’t have to uninstall. Unless you have issues.

On a very similar issue, I have recently reformatted and reinstalled everything on my win 10 pro PC.

I cant see any way of adding any of the sound banks I’ve purchased in the past, they don’t seem to show up anywhere (except in my order history)

I’m sure it’s probably me, but no matter where I look, I can’t find them?


EDIT: I’ve found them under My Products, where I have to manually download each one, is that what I originally did? I thought it was much easier?

Hi @HobGoblyn,

They should also be in the application stores as owned soundpacks ready to download.

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@LBH, I did have issues. The manually installed version has no cover art for the pack, so it doesn’t look very nice in the pack browser :slight_smile:

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I had problems connecting too the Sounds library on the website for most of the day. Analog Lab would connect, but it wasn’t listing the new libraries. By the end of the day this was all rectified though.

I imagine they were just updating the store, or perhaps it was already updated but there was an error somewhere within it. Either way, it’s working now, that’s all that matters.

Appreciate it was only a day, but the store should be updated, before they allow you to buy the product…

It’s not fair taking money off people and then providing no simple way to install what you’ve paid for. Even if you managed to find the manual installers in the account space, they didn’t work properly as they were missing the graphics.

If it’s going to take another day to get it in the store, wait until then before you start flogging it to customers

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Same, even after reinstall of ASC. Eventually got them by navigating within Pigments to store, where they appeared as latest Banks with option to download.

Same here Windows 10

This is actually the proper way of doing it, even though it’s not explained in the email you get very well. This is what wasn’t working up until late yesterday.

When this happens, log into your account on the Arturia site and look for My Products under the Profile link. They’ll be listed there. Install them manually.