Exact procedure for setting Keylab 88 Mk II key velocity map?

Hi Arturia,

With ‘MIDI Control Center’ connected to the keyboard, changing the “Device Settings” keybed velocity keymap doesn’t seem to do anything. Instead, I’ve had to change it using the controls on the keyboard itself, and there I can hear the change.

What’s the exact procedure? Do I need to press “Store To” to made the global device setttings stick? Even that hasn’t worked for me here.

I have ‘MIDI Control Center’’ and the Keylab 88 MK II is at 1.3.1.


Hi @msmithers welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Sorry to read this and thanks for reporting it.

  • So, in order to adjust the keys “Velocity curve” with the help of the “Midi Control Center” please go to → “Device Settings” → “Global Velocity Curve” option and make sure to do the following:
  • Hold the “User” button on the controller panel until it blinks.

  • Press the black key below the “Velo Curve” mention above the keys:



  • Move the jogwheel to select “Velo Curve:Glo” (which means that it will follow from now on the “Global setting”) and press the wheel to validate

  • Press the “User” button and click on the wheel once again to save the changes (You can then select any Device Memory with the wheel and validate once again the selection with a click on it).

  • Once done, open the “Midi Control Center” → “Device Settings” panel and then adjust the “Global Velocity Curve” as desired:

  • As a side note, the “Custom” curve will follow the settings defined in the “Custom Velocity Curve” section as showed below:

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Thanks… Learning more each day