Essential mk3: no preset display on the LCD with Analog Lab V?

I just got a Keylab Essential mk3 and testing it along with the tutorial videos, for now using Analog Lab V. It looks fantastic so far, but I noticed the LCD is not displaying the presets and other info while using Analog Lab V, unlike in the video. The LCD is working and displaying “Arturia logo / Arturia / Program” always (unless using encoders so it displays their info). It seems communication is unidirectional, the PC or app not transmitting any information to the keyboard, or the latter not receiving it. I tried to change USB port and rebooting the PC, that doesn’t fix the problem.

Another issue is I have a voice assistant speaking when using encoder, even though Enable Accessibility is turned off in Analog Lab V settings.

I have used the Prog button to be in Arturia mode. Also in Analog Lab V I am in KL Essential 3 mode. The keyboard is connected to the PC (Windows 10) using the included USB-C to USB cable connected to a USB3 or USB2 port on my desktop PC. I am using Analog Lab V standalone for this test, not within a DAW. All software versions are the latest.

Hey @lilo!

1st, please make sure that Analog Lab V is updated to the latest version available and also that MIDI Control Center is installed (at least version 1.15) and that the KeyLab’s firmware is updated.

Once done, please set Analog Lab V as standalone (not in a DAW) as follows:

1/ Click on the menu and got to Audio Midi Settings:


2/ The settings panel will open. In MIDI Settings, MIDI Devices, please check the boxes for KL Essential MK3 MIDI and ALV as shown below:


You can now close this window, keys / knobs and faders should work.

3/ Please make sure that the KeyLab Essential MK3 is also selected in the MIDI Controller section by clicking on the gear symbol top right corner of the Analog Lab V window. Then click on MIDI and select KL Essential 3:


The screen should now work properly when the Arturia program is selected on the KeyLab (Press Prog button + Pad 1).

Let us know if this helps!

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Ok thanks connectivity is working fine now! Only problem remaining is the voice speaking when I turn the encoders, even though Analog Lab has Accessibility off in settings. I am going to open a thread for this.

I have the same problem with my Mk 11. Did you find a fix…very surprised that Arturia did not mention this in reply to you. It only happens with A LAb …all other vst’s work fine.

I found a workaround to disable voice assist, please check this thread: Cannot turn off voice assist in Analog Lab