Error upon installing Jup-8 V3 (NOTE: Not Jup-8 v4, not Jup-8 V))

I’m trying to install a older version of the Jup-8, the Jup-8 V3
from roughly 2021

Note: When i attempted to uninstall the remnant files/folder AFTER the unsuccessful installation, it said “cannot uninstall this folder/file, it is CORRUPTED”
Error test
the following Error message above: if i click “ignore” i get the EXACT SAME message for the next file in the installation process, and presumably every single

The file directory for the Jup-8 V3 is the same as the file directory for ALL MY OTHER Arturia Plugins/softwares, that ALL WORK

The Steps to install i did was

  1. Open Arturia Software Center
  2. Find Jup-8 V3 in the sidebar
  3. Click Install

tbh i don’t even need the whole plugin, its just that the Jup-8 v3 has a SPECIFIC Sequencer patch, that later versions DO NOT HAVE (i dont remember the name of the patch)

I am not sure what the root cause for this issue is

Should i try a different destination folder/directory? (which would be seperate from ANY OTHER Arturia software i’ve installed using Arturia Software Centre) ???

I assume a fix can be found in > Arturia Software Centre > “My preferences” > Folder > and perhaps changing the destination folder for the Jup-8 V3?

if so, how do i isolate the folder change JUST FOR THE JUP-8 V3, and not the other plugins?

not sure what i’m doing wrong

In advance, thank you for your time and effort!

NOTE: i’ve had a look in the standard “F&Q” Article that Arturia links to automatically after failed installation

the section with “before/during/after” installation issue(s)

and none of the solutions seem to target my specific issue