Empty library!

I don’t have any presets that appear in the library, I only have access to presets via the effect window… What is the solution?

HI @MrBlue

It looks like you’re on Windows from your screen grab?

Try deleting the file ‘db.db3’, which you can find in your Arturia resources folder, if you used a default install it should be contained in C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets

Obviously you should exit Efx Motions before doing this.
Once you have deleted the file open the plugin again and maybe wait a few seconds while it rebuilds your database.


If you click “CLEAR ALL” and remove your selected filters, does it still show no presets?

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I contacted support and the problem has now been solved. All I had to do was delete a temporary file… as matjones also advised.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @MrBlue

It’s good to hear you’re up and running properly now.
Glad we got it sorted for you!

For those on Mac the path is: