Eddie Jobson using Arturia CS-80: Presets?

So it seems that Eddie Jobson is using the Arturia CS-80. I wonder if there are any presets from him available?
I like everything from UK with Eddie Jobson. Especially I would like to recreate the following section where in the song Nevermore he uses effects like portamento and other stuff:
It’s in the solo duel between Jobson and Holdsworth. Between 3:20 to 4:30 Jobson is using various effects and sounds which sound so cool:

Hi @zappafrank and welcome to the community.

I don’t know of any commerciel CS-80 V4 presets available or if Eddie Jobson use the software.

For the sounds in the video i think the main sounds is LPF SAW + resonance. Perhaps using Mix to shift between two main seetings fast. The Brilliance and Resonance Performance controls seems to be used.
Sound like this is used in:
Part 1: HPF control setting + Random in Sub Oscilator Section + perhaps also Ring Mod
Part 2: Resonance
Part 3: Potamento in Glissando mode.
Part 4: Ring Mod

With so many changes it’s not just about having fixed presets. It’s actually hard to make a preset for others, as you also need to explain how to get and make the changes during the performance. That’s allmost impossible. It’s something one need to exsperiment with.
I attach a fast made preset that might help here:
CS-80_Preset_UK.cs4x (83.1 KB)

You can try to play arround with Arturias CS-80 V4. Then something might pop up. Perhaps the above informations can help.

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Thank you very much. Very kind of you. This was such a great music. The groups UK and Bruford made some of the best progrock-fusion music ever! Only Allan Holdsworth didn’t feel so good in these bands so he started to do his own thing…
I will give this preset a try. Muchas gracias!