Duplicate sounds in some recent Arturia Tribute soundpack


certainly this question has been asked somewhere else already but don’t find an answer to this.

I bought recently some new preset library, moroder tribute 2, vangelis tribute 3 and toto tribute 2 to find that a part of the sounds in them are just redone version of the same sound already available in the previous tribute, but redone by a new sound designer.

it kind of make the library half or less worth it… as only half of the sounds are new sounds.

would have liked an explanation about this … as if i knew this, clearly i would have not bought the banks at their full price.

i’m certainly not the only one to be a bit angry about that after that purchase.

Hi Martyprod,

Could you be more specific, with a few examples?

I think I have three Vangelis banks (Vangelis Tribute, Vangelis 1 and 3).
Vangelis Tribute by Nori Ubukata is the oldest, with many presets for old CS-80 and Jupiter version. Vangelis 1 by Paul Schilling is also for older CS-80 version (+ Solina and Synthi).

Vangelis 3 by Katsunori Ujie is the newest written for new CS-80, new Jupiter version and Prophet. Rewriting the same or similar presets for newer versions or another instrument is not straightforward.

I don’t have Moroder or Toto.


Bonjour Françoise (française ?)

here is some example :
Toto Tribute 1
99 Brass Lead
Africa Marimba
Africa Main Brass
Africa Lo Xylophone
Childs A. BrassNoChorus
I’ll Be Over You EPiano
Waiting 4 Your Love Epiano
Waiting 4 Your Love Bass

Toto Tribute 2
99 Soft Synth Horn
Africa Synth Marimba
Africa Synth Brass
Child Anthem Synth Brass
Over You DX Piano
Waiting For Your Love EP
Waiting Love FM Bass

same for Moroder and vangelis :frowning:

Bonjour Martyprod,

I also use FranceWise :upside_down_face:, which sounds like colloquial québécois, though I’m not very wise sometimes. Français, Françoise come from the Germanic Franc- root.

As I said I only have the Vangelis banks. Presets in these three banks may have the same or similar name and be different. For instance, there are many versions of the Blade Runner brass. I also have one from Reverb Machine.

Maybe, other contributors will have an opinion on the other banks.

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An another user that i know (professionnal composer (his job) is angry about this and saw the same thing as me.

i couldn’t test a lot these sounds for personnal reason, but for sure : i’ll be over you keyboard = same
africa keyboards = same, waiting for your love = same. children’s anthem = same.

blade runner has 265464 different sounds, it’s not the case at all for toto. It’s a Live band who record in studio (lol, really).
I just did a list for toto, but i could do the same for Vangelis and Moroder, but can’t listen to any music actually ( :frowning: ) so can’t list the sounds concerned.

just bought the Tangerine Dreams 2 bank yesterday and didn’t do the “list” yet lol :smiley:

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It’s obviously difficult to compare banks you don’t own. :roll_eyes:
One could ask to focus on different presets from a composer instead of the most popular ones.

I hope people will add their point of view on the topic. :writing_hand:

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I totally agree with that point. once a bank as been released with the most popular ones, there is no point to continue to do that, especially if some sounds are redone by an another designer. lol. about toto, except 2 sounds, everything is based on the very early Toto records. it’s unfortunate, they discograpgy has more than 14 albums. there are very few “new sounds” in the second band. better than nothing i would tell.

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I’m sorry to read that you’re unsatisfied with the latest tribute bank remakes. Our aim is to modernise our most popular tribute soundbanks by remaking certain iconic sounds while also providing new ones, to give new V-Collection users the opportunity to play these sounds on the up-to-date versions of our instruments.

It’s important to note that all the sounds have all been remade from scratch, and the majority of those that seem like ‘duplicates’ are on the new engines (CS-80 V4, Prophet 5 V etc) that sound much better than their older counterparts, not to mention the 4 macros and overall preset fine-tuning.

Also, a selection of presets from soundbanks can always be previewed in Analog Lab before purchase, while the non-previewable ones’ names can be viewed. This should help in the future before choosing to purchase a bank with updated sounds.

We really hope that you’ll enjoy these higher quality sounds,


thanks for the reply, i was sure at 100% that it was because of this, unfortunatly, I couldn’t try and test the library and anyway, as we’re fan, even if there is only 10 new sounds or even 5 in the bank we still buy it lol. I see Toto, or Vangelis, i buy immediatly (ahah).

we’re fan or not, and the designer is one of the best ;).
so no, i don’t regret of course, just that i find a bit sad that on a total of 32 presets, half of them are stuff, already owned and that i can still use (i still have analog lab 4 added to the whole V collection).

sure, some people would appreciate the new sound quality, but unfortunatly my hearing illness (pretty awful) will never hear this.

Hope a Toto tribute 3, a moroder 3 and vangelis 4 will be out at some point with only “new presets”.