Discord servers?

Hi, just checking, is anyone running, or has a list of discord servers related to Arturia products?

Hey @nitrateaudio at the moment we don’t have an official Discord channel but we currently use this forum to have all the information about our products.

It’s true that there is a big community on Discord, maybe one day we will create one as the community grows up :seedling:

Also we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

Not sure. I tried Discord for music and audio related stuff for a couple years, but have pretty much given up on it. It was made to be more of a real time gaming chat place, which it’s good at, but I don’t think that translates well to group discussions, sharing of knowledge, troubleshooting, or as repositories of information. In short; it’s too chaotic.
Just my $ 0.02

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thanks for the reply.

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hi, i hang out sometimes on this synth discord server called synth heads. its not bad. it covers a wide range of synth technology and software and hardware – so not only for arturia VIs. lots of Jean Michelle Jarre fans on it. But there is some good info on it. I learnt some new things in the hangouts.

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Sounds cool! We love Jean Michelle Jarre @nitrateaudio
Here is one of our Artists series Stories with him.

Thanks for sharing!