"Deckard's Electric Dream", a (free) preset bank for Pigments

Hello, everybody. I’ve been working on a modern (and free) sci-fi preset bank for Pigments, inspired by Philip K. Dick’s “Do androids dream of electric sheep?”, trying to find the sound and mood for Deckard’s day to day life.

You can hear how it sounds here:

“Deckard’s Electric Dream”

The preset bank is free to use, you can get it here: Deckard's Electric Dream for Arturia Pigments


Hey @nachenko it’s nice to see you here!

Thanks for sharing your creations.

As promotional post are not allowed in our forum we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct and modify the last paragraph wit-ch is considered commercial in order to keep it, otherwise we will need to delete it.

Thanks for understanding and being part of the Sound Explorers community.

Best :zap:

It’s a real shame if people can’t share free presets for Arturo’s products here (or even paid ones, but especially free). That policy doesn’t sound very community minded.

Hello @tmoore thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Thanks @nachenko for editing your original message to kept it here.

Everyone is welcome to share their presets here, that’s why we created this special section called “Your Sound” specially if they are free, what is not allowed is to do commercial promotion.

Let’s keep exploring :zap: