CS-80 V + Seaboard Rise 2?

As I understand it the CS-80 V is MPE supported. Does it mean I can buy a Seaboard Rise 2, plug it in and control the CS-80 V with it, including aftertouch, pitch slide and all the other expressions that the Rise 2 offers?

Or will it take a lot of configuration/mapping to get it work?

Has anybody tried? I can’t find any video on Youtube… as you know, if it’s not on Youtube it has never happened :wink:


Hey @laban77 it’s nice to see you here!

Indeed all our Software Instruments are designed to be compatible through the MIDI protocol.

As long as your external device has a MIDI to USB connection you’ll be able to configure everything form our MIDI Control Center.
Also you can use it on your preferred DAW and use it as stand alone with any MIDI controller.

To be sure of your choice you can download a free demo version of the CS-80 V and try it yourself

Here you can find the CS-80 V Manual if you want to know more.

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

Ok. Are there any examples out there showing the combination of Seaboard Rise 2 and the CS-80 V?

Hey @laban77 didn’t find any video but here is the official list of Software synthesizers compatibles with MPE from Roli and yes the Arturia CS-80 V4 is on the list :metal:

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 13.28.07

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