Crash when using Analog Lab V as a VST in Reason 10

When I use Analog Lab V as a VST within Reason 10, the usage percentage exceeds 100% and momentarily interrupts the sound. How can I fix this? MacBook Air 13 2017 running Catalina, Arturia Keylab 88 Mk II, Minifuse 1. Thank you!


I don’t use Reason or MAC.

Which Analog Lab V version do you use? It’s just updated. So you can try to update, if you have’nt.

Do you have the issue when you run Analog Lab as standalone application outside a host/ reason?

I assume the usage percentage you mention is CPU usage. So it look like your CPU is getting overloaded. Can you play without issues at buffer size 256 or 512 samples with the sample rate 48000 Hz?

Close all other programs that use much CPU on your computer.

EDIT: Have you tried to see if it helps to have ALV’s “Multicore” setting in the right panel ON or OFF? EDIT END

Hi @Eslegio we’re glad to see you here!
sorry to read you’re having issues with the AnalogLab-V :woozy_face:

Indeed you can try updating it and if the issue continues I suggest you to log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

I hope you’ll be able to keep enjoying the AL-V soon!