Could this be as a thing?

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I recently got the KeylabEssential mk3 and just love how its automatically mapped to useful and moddable settings in Labs-v - But it has me wondering, is there or could there be a similar product for the software effects as well? Having a device that’s per-mapped for classic filters and such would be amazing and i think possible on something of a similar size to the (novation) LaunchKontrolXL

I was looking into how i could use mine in a similar way but (at least with Live) it isn’t possible to save mapped plugins without using third party scripts - which is an option but wow is that a rabbit hole id happily spend a few 100 to avoid having to mess around with and maintain.

Does such a thing exist? could the Keylabessential or another Arturia product be used in this way? Possibly a similar version to Labs but only for effects?

Hi @Glyph_ka . Welcome to the new community.

Arturias Effects unfortunately can’t be controlled with midi CC messages. That’s a choice Arturia have made.
You can only control the effects from a controller by mapping them in hosts own control systems. I in example can map a controller knob to a macro knob in my hosts control system, and then control a parameter from my controller.

In any case i think you shall exspect to do more or less manual mapping and/ or linking.

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