Compositions Musicales

Hello, here are some modest compositions with the presets purchased for analog Lab V that I use today.
Thank you for your indulgence.
Musical friendships.

Support video : ZGame Editor Visualizer
Analog Lab V Presets Bank :
Wavetable Choirs - At the Right Times.
Vangelis Tribune - Alpha Materiel 2.
Dimension Pro Preset : Rinsing Bells.


During a Challenge on Metapop, which I strongly regret the closure, we had to propose a composition on a support of samples straight from the firm Arturia.
At that time I had AnalogV Lab intro, invested in a compilation of Wavelengths Cinematic presets.
From Wavetable Choirs
Carpenter’s Halloween
Vangelis Tribute 3
Tangerine Tribute 2
Tangerine Tribute
Vangelis Tribute
Carpenter Tribute
The Futurism Sound Pack
Cinematic Threesome
Efficient Keys
The Horror
WYD Tribute
Stranger Synths
came to swell my library.
FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin. ( Effect author credits: WaveSimple - Jph Wacheski )

Pascal H


Nice ambient work with drone and choir, Pascal.
It fits the video well.

Isn’t it Vangelis Tribute - Alpha Apg Material 2 on CS-80?
Maybe Rising or Ringing Bells, though Rinsing Bells is more poetic :grinning:.

I forgot to welcome you! :vulcan_salute:

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Hello Françoise and thank you for your message.
I introduce myself Pascal retired, amateur guitarist.
Recently my passion has turned to music for films (more precisely fantastic, sience fiction, …)
I live in France near Rennes which is a city in Brittany.
For the first composition, in fact, these are the presets of the Wavetable Choirs - At the Right Times banks.
Vangelis Tribune - Alpha Materiel 2.
and Dimension Pro Rinsing Bells because I have not found the equivalence.
I only have Analog Lab V for the moment, although I hope one day to invest in Pigments which is impressive (I have it in demo).
Thank you again for your welcome and your kind comment.
Have a great evening.
Musical Friendship.

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Salud Pascal,

I was going to say “kenavo” :upside_down_face:, a word I remember from my brezhoneg lessons from the Allan Stivell era. I’ve seen part of Bretagne but not Niagara’s home town. My father’s ancestor is from Lisieux, Normandy.

I’m also a guitarist, classical at first then jazz on a nylon string guitar like Charlie Byrd.

I wish you success in movie soundtrack composition and in the near future a brand new Pigments. Creativity does not need a lot of plugins.


Support DAW: FL STUDIO 21.1
STRINGS ENSEMBLE 1 ( Bank Preset: Randy Lee )
FOCUS WAVES ( Bank presets Dark Ambient: J.M. Blanchet )
OCEAN VENTS (Bank presets Wavetable Choirs : Jeremiah Savage)
THE IMMACULATE ( Bank Presets Wavetable Choirs : Gustavo Bravetti)
Master :
OZONE 9 ELEMENTS ( preset Wide Syth)
REPLIKA XT ( preset Analogue Move).
Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin

Effect author credits:
Xyptonjtroz - nimitz .


Another nice ambiant track. Someone in the room asked me what is was. I heard “c’est bon!”

I may be wrong but It’s mainly in minor and ends up on a major chord.
There is hope! :v:


Hello Francoise,

thank you for your passages and your listening on my profile.

It’s a bit like my writing (poems and reflections) I compose by feeling, letting my inspiration guide me listening to the sound that the presets inspire me.

I am not a real composer as one can hear it, it is the vibrations that stimulate my universe. The music becomes like a therapy, a friend whose notes make some of my emotions vibrate, it’s like a language where I can’t yet decipher the syntax.

Your messages are encouraging and I thank you for your presence and I hope to do the same for you although it is difficult for me to be really objective because I am only a modest musician and above all a true amateur.

I am happy that my compositions find some attentive ears among you all and that these are sympathetically appreciated.

I particularly liked Le Grand “Frank Zappa” even if I do not wish for the moment to direct me to his unique style, which thanks to his children ensure that his work continues.

I’m thinking of moving on from Rêve aux Cauchemards soon, it’s a good sequel to continue composing, like a patchwork for musical paintings.

Good day or good evening to you.

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Hi Pascal,

letting my inspiration guide me
A great jazz attitude!

music like a therapy
It is the case for most musicians. According to String Theory in physics, everything is the outcome of vibration and harmonics.

I am not a real composer
I listen to a lot of music, from classical to contemporary music, Zappa to 2014 Disclosure (the end of house, in my opinion). And a lot of jazz. Besides Zappa, Prince and Monk were self-taught. In classical music, Teleman composed so many (boring) pieces! Self taught Thelenious Monk is rarely boring.

I’m waiting for Du rêve au cauchemar! Though I prefer the other way around. :upside_down_face:


From Dream to Nightmare, there is only one step or the darkness of our thoughts flirts with the dark ideas of our memories of yesteryear. 1st experimental version.
Du Rêve au Cauchemar , il n’y à qu’un pas ou l’obscurité de nos pensées flirte avec les idées noires de nos souvenirs d’antan.
1ère version experimentale.

FL STUDIO 21.1 :
Sakura : ATM Marching Steeel FG
Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
Effect author credits:
Abstract Corridor - Shane (converted by Youlean & StevenM) Shader - Shadertoy BETA

ANALOG LAB V - Presets Bank :
The Horror : Asian Beat - Christian Laffite
Carpenter Tribute : Halloween 3 Hay Boom SFX - Simon Gallifet
Aug. Piano - 24 Hours Tarkosky - EmptyVessel
Vowels Keys - New Loops
Zimmer Tribute : Cinematic Battle Boom .

Afflatus Minimalist violonsFree
Factory Library 2 : Orchestral Tools - Flute .


Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin

Effect author credits:
Dubswitcher Whitehole - Dubswitcher .




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Hi Pascal,

after second listening, it reminded me of Éric Serra’s great music for the movie Le grand bleu (The Big Blue). Floating peacefully.

I’ll do a second listening on Du rêve au cauchemar.


Hello Françoise,
thank you for listening but I must admit that these last two compositions are a little spoiled by my lack of harmonic knowledge and too quickly offered for listening.
I don’t let my ideas mature enough, too much in a rush, as if to get rid of them.
It is with great pleasure that I take this comparison with “Le Grand Bleu” it is mainly thanks to the presets offered and your listening today is precious to me.
Above all, do not hesitate to give a judicious criticism for what seems inappropriate to you,
I know that it will be benevolent and above all friendly.
Spend a pleasant day or evening, here in Brittany it is 9:00 in the morning.
Musical friendships.

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Bonjour Pascal,

as a non professional jazz musician, I can assure you on can never get enough “harmonic knowledge”. It is an ongoing and boundless path.

If i ever give criticism, hoping they will be judicious, i will always be benevolent. I understand that young musicians feel some competition and may be a bit spiteful.

8.30 in Quebec city, a balmy 15 c.


Rêves Ephémeres d’un oublie d’existence ( En Construction )

Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
Effect author credits:
Cheap Cloud Flythrough - Shane (converted by Youlean & StevenM)

Analog Lab V :
Rendez vous Sequence:
Konstantin Klem
Eternal :
Gustavi Bravetti

Spitfire audio :
String Violon 1
Woodwinds Flutes a3
Woodwinds Bassons a3

Raum (NI):
Arcadia Dream Hall.


Très beau, Pascal.
Quite nice!

I had not seen your publication before.
You add and remove tracks in the same thread Compositions musicales.
I should do the same.

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Dear Pascal

I really do like your work, you can do something I simply cannot.
I have been making a lot over the year and I have one constant habit - good or bad - of using beats.
Rêves Ephémeres d’un oublie d’existence is exactly the type of thing I try to do but just cant resist adding the beats or percussive fx .
Hope to hear more from you.

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Hello and thank you for your message,
for your kind listening, for the interest you have in my modest compositions.
Of course, if this sharing suits you, let your inspiration give it your personal touch, of course give it the character that I myself would not be able to produce.
Thank you for your words which encourage me to continue.
Musical Friendship.
(Translated from French with Goggle)

Some very nice and interesting music here.

If you use Pigments, please check out my free patch collections offered in an earlier post.

Keep up the good work.


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Good evening Larry (here it is 6:30 p.m.),

Thank you for your message and for your kind appreciation.
I must recognize the kindness and the words that reassure me to allow me to continue my musical path from many of you, this goes straight to my heart.
Thank you for your suggestion for the presets, I will let you know if they are used in my projects.
Have either a good rest of the day or a good day.

Musical Friendship.
(Translated from French, google)