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Hello everyone,
I’ve been struggling with music for some time now, I’m having a lot of trouble concentrating.
It’s true that I spend more time chasing VSTS of all kinds. Although I invested in Pigments, last week I took advantage of the V9 collection.
This will allow me to progress more seriously, in order to exploit a wide musical universe.
A few years ago, I was lucky enough to own a DX7 (the one with a cartridge to store programs) and a Korg MS20.
Here is a composition (quickly compose), as the adage says “practice makes you a blacksmith”.
Thank you for your kindness in listening.
Musical Friendships.

Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin

Effect author credits:
Reactive Sphere - glk7 (glk7 - Shadertoy BETA)
Raindrops - Martijn Steinrucken @The_ArtOfCode
fLuids - Jph Wacheski

OZONE 10 .

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Very good, Pascal. Simple (not too many instruments). Modulating but not too much. Some dissonances at time to spice up. The voices are nicely used. A meditation.

Très bien. Simple (pas trop d’instruments). Module parfois et certaines dissonances pour épicer. Les voix sont bien exploitées. Méditatif.

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Nice job on these explorations @PascalH_59! I have a good friend in Brittany, although as far as I know he is not into music or synthesizers (other than as a listener). I hope Pigments will be in reach for you in the future, because it’s a lot of fun and very educational to use. I hope you won’t be shy about releasing work in the future. Too many people get concerned about letting work out into the world, convinced that theirs isn’t good enough. I am on the path also of releasing things to cause myself to create more and improve. I wish you many happy journeys ahead!

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Hello Françoise,
Thank you for your encouraging message and your kind listening.
I have decided to no longer complicate my life (although I hope and wish to be as close as possible to my musical projection) and to let myself be carried away by my inspiration, no longer trying to catch up with the excellence of a number of distinguished musicians .
On the other hand, I seek to be more careful, more concentrated, more attached to harmony, whether musical or personal, in my modest projects.
Now it remains for me to explore, exploit the numerous VSTs and virtual synths.
I thank you for your Friendship and your valuable analyzes of my compositions.
The end of year holidays are approaching, in case I don’t have the opportunity to wish you "have a good and pleasant end of year holiday for you and those who are dear to you.
Musical Friendship.

Bonjour Françoise,
merci pour votre encouragement message et votre bienveillance écoute.
Je me suis décidé à ne plus me compliquer la vie ( bien que j’espere et souhaite être le plus proche de ma projection musicale ) et de me laisse porter par mon inspiration , ne plus chercher à rattrapper l’excelence de nombres de musiciens émérites.
Par contre je cherche à être plus soigné, plus concentré, plus attaché à une harmonie quelle soit musicale ou personelle dans mes modestes projets .
Maintenant il me reste à explorer , exploiter les nombreux Vsts et synthé virtuels .
Je vous remercie pour votre Amitié et vos précieuses analyses sur mes compositions.
Les fêtes de fin d’années approchent , dans le cas ou je n’aurait l’occassion de vous souhaitez " passez de bonnes et agréables fêtes de fins d’années pour vous et ceux qui vous sont chers.
Amitié Musicale .

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Hello Sticsker,
thank you for your message and warm encouragement.
I understand your friend because for many Musicians they stay away from digital recordings on classical instruments “the good warm analog sound”.
For my part, I tend to leave my Cort, my Zoom and Peavy aside to rediscover my passion for listening to music from fantasy films, science fiction, horror (that’s why more than thirty years ago I I purchased a DX7).
But simply because of poor musical and technical knowledge I gave up (even though I have two years of classical guitar lessons).
It was simpler for me to play rock, blues, pop, less complex to put chords on sheet music.
It must be said that I always thought that it was necessary to be super versed in harmony, to know all the scales by heart, to be almost a virtuoso of composition to place a series of notes on a staff.
I read that John Carpenter never took lessons, played according to his inspiration.
It’s important that I share my compositions, even if they are modest and very simple, this allows me to have analyzes and feedback which I know here or on other forums are caring and constructive.
And for me like to push the limits and explore, share my imagination.
Thank you also for your Friendship.
Musical friendships.

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My sax teacher is a very good musician and recognized as such by renowned musicians. He has his own distinctive style. Copying great musicians has it’s limitations and some strive to develop their own style.

Plusieurs jeunes musiciens talentueux jouent en virtuose sans originalité. Il faut faire attention à ne pas se perdre dans la forêt des VSTs. La musique, c’est le rythme, l’harmonie et la mélodie.
D’heureuses fêtes!

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Regard sur mon coté Obscur 2023.

DAW : FL STUDIO 2021.2.2

Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
Effect author credits:
Cheap Cloud Flythrough - Shane (converted by Youlean & StevenM) Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Diamon Bit.
Pigments : Other Cities
V Collection 9:
Solina V : Blue Strings
CS 80 V : Aftertouch Suprise
Prophet 5 V : Inyour Eyes
Mellotron V : Jarresque
Mini V : Ice Palace
Augmented Voices : Sweet Keys.

Dimension Pro : Orchestral Percussion Combo.

Ozone 10 : Preset “Electronic Clarity” .

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Hey @PascalH_59

Some STRONG Escape from New York/They Live vibes going on there!
Never a bad thing! :sunglasses:

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Hello @matjones and thank you for your message, for taking the time to listen to this musical essay.

It’s very nice to have compared it to this film, even if modestly I am influenced and admire the music composed by John Carpenter.

My wife finds that the musical sections are too long, as are their transitions. I went from 120 in tempo to 160, right now I can’t really define if this changes the concept of this composition.

To tell the truth, I referred a little too much to the different synths and these presets which found favorable listening.

The problem lies with the video support, like painting a landscape in a cave, although imaginative my ideas are too confused, too scattered without a central axis.

However, I have excellent tools for creating, mastering them for some does not pose a problem and learning for others is on track, but I fail when it comes to using them wisely.

In short, it’s a bit of a struggle, and I’m not about to stop rowing.

Have a wonderful holiday season.


(Traduction par Google )

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Hello everyone,
I hope that Christmas was profitable for many of you.
For us a little family celebration and this evening a modest New Year’s Eve.
I wish you all a wonderful end of year,
a good New Year’s Eve and of course see you next year (in a few hours of course)
for some projects that I have in mind.

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Composition Expéri-mentale .

Composition Expérimentale Janvier 2024.
OZONE 10 : Analog Dreams
Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin Effect author credits: Heightfield - Rado1 .

ARTURIA : CS80 V - Organ Computer.
CMI V - Scene Keys.
ANALOG LAB - Tubula Rasa.

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS : FABLES - Winter Eyes - Epic Heights.

Dimension Pro - Disclose.


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Hello everyone,
this is perhaps not the best composition that is in the panel of my great musical sheath, this at least has the advantage of allowing me to progress at my own pace, and above all to experiment with these few the ideas that pass through my mind.
I put it back on Sound Cloud and leave the video side a little on YouTube.
Hasta La Vista.

Bonjour à toutes et tous , ce n’est peut être pas la meilleure composition qui soit dans le panel de mon grand fourreau musical , cela a au moins l’avantage de me permettre de progresser à mon rythme , et surtout d’expérimenter ces quelques idées qui me passe par l’esprit . Je redépose sur Sound Cloud et laisse un peu de coté les vidéos sur YouTube . Hasta La Vista


The first part reminds me of compositions from the beginning of the XXth (Koechlin, Albert Roussel). It’s a little bit more atonal in the second part (Chostakovitch, Bartok) but not Schönberg. I listened to a lot of modern classical music for it’s unpredictability.

Le début rappelle les compositeurs du début XXe (Koechlin, Albert Roussel). Ça devient plus atonal à partir du milieu (Chostakovitch, Bartok). Tant que c’est pas la prévisibilté de la pop, on est dans l’inconnu et l’exploration.

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Good evening Françoise,
First of all, I offer you my good wishes for this new year.
Thank you for listening and your message.
Well, it’s simply the result of chance and my taste for improvising, because I’m not a very diligent student of music theory as you may have noticed.
Well Bartók to only know the scale that bears his name, for the other composers I will let myself be guided by your musical knowledge which is precious to me here.
The positive point is that I’m starting to structure myself more seriously, even if it doesn’t really reflect my compositions.
But my musical curiosity is also a good advisor and I don’t have the time to want to close my space , and go on an adventure towards new musical vibrations.
Musical Friendship.

Bonsoir Françoise ,
avant tout je vous offre mes bons vœux pour cette nouvelle année.
Merci pour votre écoute et votre message.
Et bien c’est tout simplement le fruit du hasard et mon gout pour improviser, car je ne suis pas un élève bien assidu à la théorie musicale comme vous avec pu le constater.
Et bien Bartók pour ne connaitre que la gamme qui porte son nom, pour les autres compositeurs je vais me laisser guider par vos connaissances musicales qui me sont ici précieuses.
Le point positif c’est que je commence plus sérieusement à me structurer, même si cela n’est pas vraiment à l’écoute de mes compositions.
Mais ma curiosité musicale est aussi une bonne conseillère et je n’ai pas du temps envie de clôturer mon espace, et de partir à l’aventure vers de nouvelles vibrations musicales.
Amitié Musicale.

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Mes meilleurs voeux, Pascal et baucoup d’inspiration.
The New Year rings back sad memories of losses and I suppose I want it over as soon as possible.

I didn’t know there was a scale by Bartok’s name (probably Hungarian inspired). He sounds both classical and dissonant at times.

On dit que Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, Frank Zappa, le guitariste Wes Montgomery («He received no formal instruction and couldn’t read music.» Wikipedia) et bien d’autres sont autodidactes (self taught). Welcome to the club!

Ce n’est pas si évident d’improviser; certains musiciens classiques ont de la difficulté à le faire.

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Good evening Françoise, you see me heartbroken and sorry for your memories which are so painful to you, good luck to you.
Here is a file that I scanned from Daniel Goyone’s all-instrument improvisation manual published in 1982 (this doesn’t make me any younger :)) from Chappel.
Good evening or good day to you.
Musical Friendship.

Bonsoir Françoise, vous me voyez navré et désolé pour vos souvenirs qui vous sont ainsi douloureux , bon courage à vous.
Voici un fichier dont j’ai scanné sur le manuel de l’improvisation tous instruments de Daniel Goyone édité en 1982 ( cela ne me rajeunit pas :slight_smile: )chez Chappel.
Bonne soirée ou bonne journée à vous.
Amitié Musicale.

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Merci d’avoir pris la peine de les numériser.

La gamme de Do est une gamme de Sol mineur mélodique (avec Si bémol et fa#) sauf qu’il part sur Do plutôt que sur Sol, selon la conception des modes. Il y a un grand nombre de possibilités. Le mode dorien, par exemple, c’est la gamme de Do majeur (que les notes blanches) mais en partant de Ré et en aboutissant sur Ré. La couleur est différente.
J’ai une belle pièce de Daniel Goyone sur Label Bleu. Ce n’est pas cette pièce mais ça lui ressemble. Ce n’est pas de la musique pour tous même si ça se suit très bien.

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The middle section reminds me of Bowie’s Berlin era. I like it!

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Bonjour Françoise et un Grand Merci pour ce partage ,
j’aime beaucoup .
Belle journée à vous.

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Hello Talahamut, is this my sharing or you made a very nice comment.
Well one must certainly feel my musical influences which are mainly anchored in progressive rock and especially at the level of the 70s to 80s, although these have always navigated between jazz rock, progressive rock, heavy metal later (the list of groups, musicians and especially guitarists).
See as well as the singers with French-speaking texts because I only master English thanks to translators and I am very sorry because it reduces my friendly and musically speaking sharing.
Good day to you.

Bonjour Talahamut , est ce de mon partage ou vous faite un très sympathique commentaire .
Hé bien l’on doit certainement ressentir mes influences musicales qui sont surtout ancré dans le progressif rock et surtout au niveau des années 70 à 80 , bien que celles ci ont toujours naviguées entre le jazz rock, le progressif rock , le heavy métal plus tard ( la liste des groupes, musiciens et surtout guitaristes ).
Voir aussi bien que les chanteurs à textes francophones car je ne maitre que l’anglais que grâce à des traducteurs et j’en suis bien désolé car cela réduit mes partages amicaux et musicalement parlant .
Bonne journée à vous.

Bonne journée à vous.

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