Can Analog Lab V command KLE MK3 to switch program mode to "Arturia"?

Is it possible to get Analog Lab V to command the KLE MK3 to switch the program mode to “Arturia”?

When i start Analog Lab V, the KLE MK3 keyboard responds to changes in instruments, effects and sounds no matter what program mode the KLE is on, but the knobs and faders do not respond correctly because the KLE program mode is not set to “Arturia”.

It would be nice if the KLE program mode automatically switched to “Arturia” when Analog Lab V starts.


Hi @nelsonxm. Welcome back.


Has anyone experimented with Arturia V Collection X alongside Analog Lab V and the KLE MK3? Given the seamless integration between Analog Lab V and KLE MK3, I’m curious about the compatibility and workflow enhancements offered by V Collection X. I also read some info about this on forum and also want to know your opinion! Are there any standout features or improvements that significantly enhance the production experience when using these tools together?