BUG: the last loaded synth in AL resets the size of that respective app/plugin


I reported this bug several times for maybe 5 years now. But maybe posting here will move things faster.

When you are in AL with a 160% for example (it has to be other than 100%), choose the preset you want. If, for example, it uses the Mini V, when you close AL and open Mini V (in standalone or plugin), the window size of Mini V is automatically reset to 100% and you get the pop to invite you for a “quick tour”, as if you’ve just installed the Mini V on your computer.

Tested and reproduced on many different computers, all running on Windows.

Thanks for fixing this someday. It’s frustrating when you work on 4K monitors.


Hi @creal
I’ve just been trying to reproduce here on my Win10 Pro system and am unable to do so.
I only use a couple of 1080 monitors though and not 4K ones.
I’ve tried to reproduce with the Mini V, Arp 2600 V and CMI V and all is as expected here.
Looking at some of the other issues you’ve been having, i can’t help but think there might be some kind of ‘permissions’ conflict on your system as you do seem to be having A LOT of issues.

Sorry but you’re probably doing something wrong, for this particular bug that has already been confirmed by the team. 4K monitors are not important here (they just naturally force us to increase the size of the window). Maybe change your display settings at 200% or other value different than 100%?

For the other problems (only two, by the way, not A LOT as you say), they all appear on a specific computer, so we deduced that it’s a personal problem and not a bug. This is completely another topic and there are no links with this particular thread.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Mini V
  2. Increase the window size to 160%
  3. Close Mini V (you can reopen it if you want to notice that the size has been saved)
  4. Open AL
  5. Increase the window size to 160% (you can close and open it again to notice that the size has been saved)
  6. Choose a Mini V preset
  7. Close AL
  8. Open Mini V
  9. Observe the size that has been reset to 100%, and the dialogue that pops up

HI again @creal
I’ve followed both methods you’ve described here, to the letter, the one in the first post in this thread, the one immediately above this one and i am still unable to reproduce here i’m afraid.
It simply works exactly as expected on my own system.
I have flagged this up with someone else though, so please be patient for a little more time.

Okay thank you. As I said, I already sent (several) bug reports and it has been confirmed as a bug. I just wasn’t able to benefit from a bug fix since that time. I don’t understand why you cannot reproduce the issue.

I just tested it again on three different machines (different configs, different locations, etc.). I can reproduce it 10 times out of 10.

If you are using the same system of symbolic shortcuts on those machines then that’s the likely answer.

No, I just said that I precisely use different configs, locations, etc.

One of the three machines benefits from a completely fresh install, with no changes at all.

Ok, it’s strange i cannot reproduce here though, which implies there could be differences between our systems.
As it’s already been listed as a bug, it would be a good idea to wait for The Devs to get back to us.

Yes. I am waiting for years :slight_smile: