[Bug] MCC still crashing on Microfreak presets search

I remembered this happening awhile ago, and I just tried again and it still occurs.

I connect my Microfreak to my Mac Studio (M1, 13.6.4), open MCC and wait for the connection to establish. Then select the Presets->Search tab, set focus to the search box, start to type, and the application crashes.

HI @Talahamut

I take it you’ve already tried to un/reinstall the MCC?

I don’t think I have… I’ll give it a try and see.

Tried a clean install, and the crash still happens.

Hello, unfortunately on a mac M1 you need to open the MCC using Rosetta.
Please do so and it won’t crash anymore.

Sorry, that’s bad. I know. But at least you can get it working like that.