[Bug] MCC crashes when filtering by Microfreak Preset Type

Running MCC ( on Mac Studio M1 (13.6.4) in Rosetta mode.
Microfreak (5.0.0) is connected and selected.
Go to Presets->Search.
Click any item in the Types column and the application crashes.

Using the search text bar or selecting an item in Characteristics or Results works correctly.

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Hey @Talahamut thanks for identifying this bug! We’re sorry to hear about it.

We will let our team know about this in order to add it to their priorities and they will contact you.

Please let us know if you find any other issue.

Best :zap:

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Hello !

Thanks for the clear description.

I didn’t reproduce the issue on my Mac M1 using Rosetta and the same build as you.
It may be because you have some corrupted/buggy presets that I haven’t.

You could try to export/backup your banks and delete them from the MCC to test if it is still crashing.
If it doesn’t crash without your personal banks, please send them to me (in PM) in order for me to analyse the problem.

You can also contact our support team, because this problem is not easily reproducible so you might need some extra help that I won’t be able to give.

Sorry for the issue, I hope that we will be able to find and fix it as soon as possible.

Cheers !

I was able to isolate the bad bank - a set I saved from the device back in 2022. I also tried recalling the patches currently on my Microfreak, and that new bank also causes it to crash, so maybe there’s a bad patch on the device still? I’ll PM the exported file to you.

EDIT: I deleted the problem Projects, rewrote all of the “Factory 3.0” bank patches to my Microfreak, then recalled them from the device to a new Project, and MCC is no longer crashing.