[Bug] Lots of presets are broken

I just upgraded to the latest version and found that lots of presets make no sound or only emit clicks when you press a key with a bit of a reverb tail. I tried reinstalling/clean prefs. I’m on W10.


Same here I experienced the same opening an old project in Ableton.

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I think it might be about this:

Yes. I experience the same thing. Minifreak V has become broken after this update. Sometimes oscillators don’t seem to work at all, envelopes not working etc. Reinstalling and cleaning preferences have no effect.
Minifreak V standalone doesn’t even show waveforms at all in the osc windows.

I have the same issue on Windows 11, so this is definitely something broken in Minifreak V. The same patches that don’t produce sound in MiniFreak V do make sound in the actual Minifreak.

So someone messed up somewhere in MiniFreak V development for this version.

+1 Totally broken my project in Ableton. Anyone from Arturia chimed in here yet??

Nice thing is, you can roll back to the previous version. Check here for downloads of previous versions and be sure to NOT update in the software center after…



Arturia just released via ASC.
I installed it and tested a while, all seems good now! :blush:


Yep, seems to be fixed now.

Not entirely fixed. The VST ( works as it should. The standalone version is still broken. The waveforms are not shown in their windows and no sound is generated. The envelopes are still broken as well. Did an uninstall, reboot, install but that didn’t fix it.

Can you give me an example of a preset that isn’t working right? I’m running the standalone (on Mac) and it seems correct, but I’ll check whatever isn’t working for you.

Hi, I had the same problem. It went away when I moved from W10 to W11. I know that’s drastic, but it’s the only thing that worked for me after a week of customer service volleys.

I had the same issue with the wavetable animation and 2D waveform not showing at all in Pigments 5.0

Hopefully you have better outcome than a complete overhaul.

Nothing seems to be working in the MiniFreak V standalone. It’s not that some presets don’t work. Something else is going on.

Oscillators don’t function, LFO’s aren’t running and the virtual keyboard in the standalone doesn’t trigger anything (envelopes, LFO’s etc). Can’t adjust the filter and the oscillator windows are empty. No sound is being generated.

CPU usage is also at 0%. It does work as VST though, which shows about 20% CPU.

Weird. Version works normally. Version has the above problems (i.e. doesn’t work at all) in both standalone and VST. And fixes the VST for me but standalone is still broken.

Unfortunately I can’t help with that then. It sounds like there’s a handful of Windows-specific issues people have been having lately.

Can’t confirm. Both versions of 594 (standalone and VST) are working fine on my (Windows 11) system.
Virtual keyboard is taking input, envelopes are working, waveforms dynamically displayed, sound is coming out the speakers both with Windows audio and ASIO. :man_shrugging:

Are you on Windows 10? What are the other components in your system (Processor, RAM etc)?

On my Windows 11 system the standalone version now works without issues. Sound is generated and the waveforms are showing. (AMD Ryzen 7 5800X with 32 GB DDR 4 RAM at 3600 MHz, audio through DirectSound with the Primary Sound Driver, buffer size 1024 samples at 44100 Hz)


I figured out why the standalone didn’t work. (I’m on Win11 btw)
In the Audio Midi Settings I had initially chosen Windows Audio as driver (and specified the outputs). After closing the standalone version it seems that those audio settings are somehow reset and the next time on opening MiniFreak V things stop working.
If I choose ASIO as the driver the audio settings are preserved and the standalone keeps working after closing and reopening the application.

So, this was not related to the initial problem with the presets (which is solved).
Just weird that choosing Windows Audio as driver is being reset upon restart. I know ASIO is superior, btw.

Thanks Pieter-Jan for pointing me in the right direction by mentioning DirectSound.

I have to always check audio settings as some times the chosen buffer size can produce awful noise and some settings do indeed seem to reset there after an update.

I usually notice it when the first patch I try after an update sounds horrible, then I know the buffer length or audio device chosen has been reset to something that doesn’t work for me.

Hi all,

If using the normal internal soundcard on Windows then WINDOWS AUDIO is the way to go. It should not give any issues. Windows audio was much improoved in Windows 10. Some use ASIO4ALL as they did before Windows 10, but Windows Audio perform fine now. It’s a choice.
If using an external soundcard then normally use the driver that usually come with it.

Awful noise can be about a latency issue. Using Windows audio might help. And yes buffer size is important in that regard. However a too high buffer will add to much latency so it’s hard to perform in realtime.

I think DirectSound is considered deprecated, but i assume it’s still fine for some things.