[BUG] Can't use step sequencer when connected to external clock

Hey MF gang,

Just got my minifreak to use with my Elektron Digitakt. I’m using the Digitakt to send MIDI Clock + Transport.

When connected in this setup, it’s impossible to enter the step sequencer. When the record button is pressed, the screen never changes to the step sequencer mode, and pressing any key immediately starts the sequence, consistent with being in stop mode.

I’m sure that this is related to the external clock, as when the clock send is disabled (or the MIDI is unplugged) the minifreak immediately behaves as expected and can enter step record.

This issue has been logged before here on the forums.

Are there any plans to fix this? Do any community members know of a workaround that doesn’t involve adding another device to manage MIDI? I’ve read the manual and tried various MIDI sync settings on both devices with no luck.

I will need to return the device if it can’t be fixed, as I bought it just to use with my digitakt, and it’s ridiculous to have to unplug and re-plug the MIDI any time I want to edit the sequence

In case someone else experiences this: I have found a consistent way to reproduce this as well as a workaround. After trying with a couple other devices, this does seem to be exclusively an issue with Elektron products.

How to reproduce:

  1. When loading a preset for the first time, you can use the step sequencer as normal.
  2. Start the sequencer from the minifreak, or play any note on the keyboard
  3. Can no longer enter step sequencer, even after stopping the sequence from the minifreak


  1. Press the stop button on the digitakt. You can now re-enter the step sequencer as expected.

This behavior is odd because there is no indication on the digitakt or the minifreak that the digitakt is playing. There is no transport being sent from the Minifreak.

Hope this helps someone!