Beat Repeat tab not working

Hi. The “beat repeat” tab/section doesn’t work (other tabs/fx working fine). I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the plug in, the beat repeat section still doesn’t work… what’s happening ? (windows 11/ vst in fl studio 21) Thanks!

Hi @Pier . Welcome to the community.

Efx Motion seem to need the clock to run to have the Beat Repeat working. Just start your DAW/ Host, then it should work.

Thank you for the reply. Well, if you’re talking about the “clock” in the “Filter” tab of Efx Motions, it runs but nothing’s happening. If you’re talking about another clock, I don’t know what it is (sorry, if I may seem a little dumb)

Click PLAY in your DAW so the DAW play.

OK… of course it was the only thing I didn’t try… and I have a lot of plug ins working like this. So, now, of course, it works… sorry for being so dumb. And thanks a lot for your lightening-fast replies. :ok_hand:

Glad that was it.
More functionality in Efx require a external clock to run to work.

Yep, the noise too…etc.