Audiofuse 16rig - speakers no longer playing signal

Hi - my 16 rig audio was working fine in both a standalone configuration and through PC.

Then, suddenly, I was unable to hear anything from the speakers unless i booted the PC up… worked for a while… and now I can’t get any audio output from main speakers even with PC on. No setting were changed during this. Have since tried several rounting in the router to no avail.

The audio signal is still showing in the mixer (i’ve adderd every single channel possible to be sure!!) and headphone has sound. Nothing from the speakers. Shows as a signal in the 16rig front panel going to monitors.

(& definately no issue with the monitors - have checked offline)

Have seen a few other similar posts without satisfactory resolution… and intermitten faults… very disappointed with this unit so far.

Any idea - or it’s going back, a lot of money and it looks like a lot of bugs with no support…

Grateful for any last minutes ideas.


If there isn’t an actual defect in the unit, I would suspect a routing error, but I would contact Arturia support and maybe they can walk you through steps to verify if there’s a hardware problem or not.

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If you are using AFCC to configure your routing, there was a nice setup explanation here:


Hi, I don’t have any problem with mine, and I never heard of such an issue from other users.
It sounds like either the Monitor Mute has been activated, or that your unit is set for A/B speakers and B speakers are selected instead of A, or that the output routing has changed (normally, Main L/R is routed to Monitor L/R).
But none of those settings should change by themselves.
Is MIDI control enabled and do you have any device sending MIDI CCs to the AF?
Is your AF16Rig firmware up-to-date? (current firmware is 1.2.2)
Outside of that, all I can suggest is to contact Arturia Support with all the details of your setup, so they can assist you. Go to:

Thank you fo both your feedback… will try suggestios as above, on first glance, firmware is up to date, i don’t use it to route midid and main LR is routed to Monitor LR. There is some intermttent issues going on, since it worked again briefly yesterday, and has then stopped again this morning…
Many thanks

Hi There,

Exactly the same problem here.
I really don’t know what happened - I haven’t changed anything. Recently, I had been receiving the automatic update notice, and finally decided to do it.
Things worked for ~2 days, and now I can see the meters for input, but cannot route to output, nor hear it.

Previously, this had been the most rock solid, greatest mixer/router companion ever!!

Can I revert, and never update again?

I don’t need anything more than what I had - great audio fidelity, MIDI, flexible mixer in either standalone or with a computer.

Can we roll back to defaults?

Thanks everyone

Update: I found the fireware section on the site - I’m going to try to revert, and see if that improves my issue

Confirmed: I have found that firmware 1.1.5 allows me to run audio as I did previous to the update.

The AudioFuseControlCentre does not pop up always when I push the button. I can live with that, as clicking the App Icon does bring it up.

There is occasional crackle, yet there isn’t clipping on the meters (nor am i pushing it for this exercise). I will have to troubleshoot further.

I’m a bit disappointed, I must admit - my worldview on mixers was just shaken.
I can tolerate inconsistent app calls when using the hardware button, but no audio output through a mixer is unacceptable.
I’ve never once encountered a scenario where a mixer did not output the audio that was driven into it. Mixers are Mission Critical - they cannot stop, nor be unreliable for any reason, at any time.

If this had taken place on stage, there is no real back up… there is no sound.
That’s a lot of musician time, audience time to throw away. That’s a lot of great sounds and sound making machines that have immediately been rendered absolutely useless… In fact worse, as there was time put into making those sounds and predicate money earning to buy that gear/app to make said sounds.

I never thought with such a wonderful piece of kit would I have to bring an old, terrible, noisy, crap, but still works (my first) mixer: behringer 1622fx, just in case.

I wanted to use it as a noise no-input mixer, at some point… I guess it gets to continue living. I think I got an MBOX 2 somewhere as a back up, too.

I will update to 1.1.9 and see where that gets me.
I consider updating the firmware if something is unlivable (if ever again)

Update: 1.1.9 is working!

I did lose my patching profiles, which is a bummer but absolutely acceptable and understandable (i changed the firmware).

I will post again if I find an issue, but otherwise THANK YOU Arturia for allowing us to roll back to previous firmware!
God Tier move for hardware embedded systems

Hi - thanks for the help.

Unfortunately nothing has worked for me. Overall, very disappointed with the unit and I have sent it back and purchased an RME UFX2 which is operating beautifully - it’s more expensive clearly, but does everything right and seamless.

Good luck