Arturia pricing policies

As has happened before, I’m a bit dumbfounded over Arturia’s pricing policies. They’re offering FX Collection 4 for $69 right now, but the “Special Offer” upgrade in my account from FX Collection 2 is $99
So buying FXC4 outright is 30% cheaper than upgrading FXC2.

I can’t speak for Arturia here, but I’ve encountered this phenomenon a couple times myself. As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of possible combinations of offers happening during special sale periods – normal upgrade offers, special sales offers, and customer loyalty offers. If I can offer some unasked-for advice… just take the cheapest one, because the practical effect is the same. In my experience, the offers you get as a loyal owner of multiple other products are the best – and much appreciated, Arturia folks. :wink:

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