Arturia Plug in import in Ableton live 11 Standard

Hi everyone,
I donwnloaded Ableton live 11 standard but in the plug in section, I don’t see my Arturia suite (I have the collection).
Do you know how I can import and have access to all Arturia VST in Ableton live 11 Standard?

Hey @arnauddeschamps75017 welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

I do not use Ableton myself, but if it’s like most other DAWs, is there a function to allow more than one pathname location for different plugin types?


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hi @arnauddeschamps75017

To load your libraries in ableton you have to set up the default path of your plugins
you have to:

  • Open preferences (ctrl + ,)
  • go to plugins section
  • add the path of your plugins
  • set on the options of custom folder

and that’s all

and in the future you should check where you install your plugins so that you can simply import them again,
a tip always install everything in the same folder otherwise you may see some and not others.


HI @TheGlitchCat
Thanks for confirming that and providing the details, had to be along those lines!