Arturia internal upsampling policy 2024?

I was playing around with the Synclaiver V and the preset Elec Dulcimer 1 from the Vintage Factory bank. Wow, what a disaster at 44.1kHz. Extreme aliasing artifacts already at MIDI Note number 72. It cant be how the real deal sounded I thought and checked out how the Synclaiver V behaved at 88.2 kHz. Lo and behold, now I could play one octave higher (MIDI not 84) without artifacts.
Very surprising internal upsampling is an issue at the year 2023!
So I was interested to see and hear how other Arturia instruments behaved at 44.1 vs 88.2 khz. To my surprise again…Arturia is just chopping off all frequencies above 17.000hz at 44.1kHz! Wow. This is not how it should be done 2023. Not even 2010…
Look at my screenshots from the Jup-8 V4. It is the highest frequencies available from 44.1 vs 88.2khz.
So…there are loads of work to be done at Arturia HQ as most of us are still working at 44.1/48 khz.
A workaround for me to keep working at 44.1 for my DAW-projects is to use the Arturia instruments as standalones with the built in mac audio interface running at 96kHz and then connect via analog cable back to my main interface. Now Arturia soft synths sound really good actually. (it actually seems that the Arturia softsynths are optimized for 96kHz. At least the Prophet V3 was showing way better bandwidth at 96kHz than 88kHz for some reason (in the 20-22kHz region)

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So do I have to scrap all my recordings using Arturia products and redo them when they fix it? :slight_smile:

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A friend told me that the Metaplugin was probably what I was looking for and YES!

If you insert this plugin in your 44.1kHz DAW project and load an AUi you just put oversampling to 2X in both realtime and offline modes.
Now it will trick the Arturia plugins (and others like the Waldorf 3.V which is sounding better at higher sample rates as well) to work on 88.2 or even 176.4 if you pick x4. But I think 96kHz is the optimal Arturia samplerate. As I wrote Prophet V3 is working better on 96 than 88.2. At 88.2 is seems to use the same LPF as at 44.1 kHz.

Here is an example with the Synclavier V preset Elec. Dulcimer 1 from the Vintage Factory bank.
I am switching in realtime inside the Metaplugin from base DAW samplerate 44.1kHz to x2 oversampling then x4 and then back to 44,1.
So it is not only that the sound will have more upper harmonics if working at 176.4 or higher but also you will eliminate aliasing artifacts and this example is quite extreme but so you easier understand the point with upsampling :wink:


Or you can more simply increase your project’s sample rate and enjoy the lower latency as well.

Or you could just buy all the original hardwares instead and record them at 44.1kHz and they would still sound great.

Doesn’t really change the fact that Arturia should add uppsamling option (or just straight up upsample) to make their emulations truer to the original at all sample rates. If it really aliases THAT BAD at 44.1, it’s just a really really badly implemented emulation, since the original doesn’t.

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