Any plans to add Analog Lab V platform to Ipad?

Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I tried searching the forum but didnt get any results.
Will Arturia release Analog Lab V for Ipad.
I’d like to export some of the presets I have on mine to my Ipad.
Are there any hosts that would open up a downloaded .labx file on Ipad?


HI @eagle

Myself, and the other ‘external moderators’ do not work for Arturia, just to make that clear…
IF this were to happen, and i have no idea whether it will or won’t, there’s unlikely to be any advance notice given.
Arturia generally announce new products via the main Arturia website, press/social media releases and official announcements on here.


Thanks for chiming in mat. I’d love to see an ipad version.

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