Another Korg synth next?

It’s curious to me that Arturia was able to release the Korg MS-20 and actually use the brand name. Does that mean Arturia will release other Korg synths in the future? Really hoping for the M1 and Wavestation. Korg already has VSTs for them but the GUI isn’t great and saving presets is a pain.

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Hey @sjimmy2009 jimmy welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

When a manufacturer uses the brand name of another manufacturer there has generally been what’s called a ‘licensing deal’ between the two companies, this is what happened with the MS-20 V.

I do not know if Arturia and Korg have agreed any other licensing deals or not though, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Yeah, I’m hoping that Korg and Arturia have a long-term licensing deal. It doesn’t seem like Korg has updated their VSTs in a while and may not be interested in doing so. It would be nice to see the M1 or Wavestation as the next vintage synth Arturia releases.

Have to agree the official Korg M1 VST is pretty lame. Not in terms of sound which is spot-on (as you would expect) but in terms of the interface which is right outa 2005.

Their iPad version is arguably better than the Mac/PC version, oddly enough.

I actually don’t mind the GUI for the KLC M1, i owned a hardware M1 for many years and HATED the awful 2 line LED display, it was NOT fun to work with.
The KLC GUI is so much better. Ok it’s not exciting to look at, but it does its job really well compared to the original imho.

One of the things Arturia does really well is how it makes their instruments look similar to the real thing. Korg’s VSTs bear no resemblance to the actual synths. I also prefer how you save presets with Arturia’s version where you can simply click on the heart icon rather than having to save it to a user bank.

Agreed, also… I really love the way they do the in-instrument tutorials, modulation controls and “Advanced” pages! it’s really intuitive, easy to use and adds innovation that the OEM products may not have had the ability to do, and they look really nice while doing it. Arturia is really blowing me away as a company! Finally, a company is paying attention to it’s client base and is responding to their needs and wants.

Native Instruments really pissed me off with this new Komplete mk3 release, I’m not even going to get into the rip off that Komplete 14 was! They made a less synergized keyboard for their software integration and they keep charging us exuberant prices for little innovation. They could have simplified their system between Access, Komplete, Maschine and Traktor, but instead they complicate everything more to remain proprietary. The only thing they have going for them right now is NKS and they won’t even invest or build on it to make it more enhanced.

It seems like companies like Steinberg and Arturia are aware of what’s happening in the industry and are capitalizing on it. If companies like SoundWide and Avid don’t jump in the game soon and do a better job paying attention to their customers, instead of focusing on bottom lines, they may not be around in 4 years?!

The more personalized these companies become with the individual client needs, the better their businesses do. Except when they’re only targeting a focused group of clientele, like studios and churches! They miss out on a whole sector of the industry that would be profitable and help make their products better. The “home” studio is the largest growing part of the industry being left out by the recording industry, but the companies that are noticing and are making the moves to capture those clients are going to become extremely successful.

Arturia, obviously gets it, and I’m seeing that in their whole product line. It’s impressive and I appreciate them for it!