Analog Lab V VST Preset names not appearing in Keylab Essential MK3 browser

Are the Analog Lab V VST plugins meant transmit preset names to the Keylab Essentials MK3? I can use the dial on the Keylab to scroll and select presets etc., in “Arturia” program mode, but the display only shows the word “Arturia”. The Essential MK3 shows all preset names etc. when I’m using Analog Lab V standalone. (I’m using the VST2 and VST3 plugins in Ableton Live 11 on Windows 11). Thanks.

The preset names show up on the Keylab Essentials Mk3 display when using Analog Lab either standalone or in Ableton Live 11. But if you are talking about the individual VST instruments from the V Collection, then no, the preset names are not displayed, whether used in standalone or in Ableton. Not sure why this is.

Thanks for the reply. I’m definitely using Analog Lab V VST2 and VST3 plugins, and not individual instruments. I’ve set everything up in Live’s options as per Arturia’s guides but still no preset/favourites names show up in the Essential’s onboard display when I press the “Prog” button to select “Arturia” mode. I can use the four buttons and the dial to scroll through and select presets in Analog Lab VST but only the word “Arturia” appears in the Essential’s display. All of the videos I’ve seen about using the new Essential show the presets in the display so it must be something I’m doing wrong!

My Keylab is set to “Arturia” mode as well, but I’m seeing the preset names. Have you updated the firmware for your KE Mk3?

Yes, I’ve checked and the firmware is up-to-date (1.0.17). I’m still getting “Arturia Program” on the Essential display! Are you using it with Ableton 11? If so, please can you post a screenshot of how yours is set up in Live’s options?

Forget my last reply… I just got it sorted! I disabled all the inputs in Live and started again with just the Keylab Midi input and nothing else! Thanks for your help!

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Glad you got it sorted out!

Thanks and apologies for the late reply! I’d also contacted Arturia support about this and received a reply saying there was a “previously ongoing bug” that they have resolved with the latest ALV update! I’ve installed the update and everything works as expected!! I just need to work out how to change presets and playlists using MIDI clips in Live!!!