Analog Lab V switches to 'MONO' mode for some reason?

Howdy… I’m having an issue with the Thriller Brass preset of the MJ Library from Arturia, played on Analog Lab V in Mainstage. If I hold the sustain pedal and play a few chords (ie, go over the normal polyphony)… it switches to ‘mono’ mode and will only play 1 note at a time. This now stays in mono mode until I open the plugin (I’m using Mainstage) and switch to another patch, and then switch back.

This DOESNT happen when I exceed polyphony by just playing too many keys… I can play tons of notes, and while it excceed polyphone, it comes back when I release and start again. It’s something to do with when I use the sustain pedal and repeat a large chord… Then it switches to mono mode and won’t switch back.

It also effects the same patch playing on another channel. Anyone seen this issue or have an idea on how to fix it? Thanks!


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