Analog Lab V, random notes get stuck on sustain

I’m on windows 11, and using the Keylab Essential 88
After about a minute of playing, a few notes I press get randomly stuck on sustain, but all the other keys are somehow unaffected
It says the sys-ped value is on zero but despite this there’s still sustain on those specific notes
Changing the instrument sound on Analog Lab then switching it back temporarily resolves this issue but it just happens again when I start pressing keys
I have tried replicating this on different VSTs like Helm synthesizer and it was perfectly fine, so I’m fairly certain it’s an issue with Analog Lab and not my keyboard or anything

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Have you updated to the latest version of Analog Lab? I think this was a bug in the previous version.

There doesn’t seem to be any updates available, I just checked

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I have the exact same problem with my KeyLab (61) Essential since a couple of months back and it seems to get even worse anytime I try to combine a sound with any sort of Arp, this is really unfortunate as Analog Lab (I dont own any of the actual synths though) is very well curated, sound-wise, and can be fun to just flip through presets without the risk of your ears or the system exploding because whoever made them didnt care to properly (or evenly) adjust gain/volume levels etc from the get-go, which tends to happen a lot with synths like Surge etc, but I digress, the note is being held randomly kind of like the ADSR was fiddled with to never make the volume die down or fade, and as far as I can remember I have only ever had this issue with Analog Lab V, which tells me it is probably not the MIDI Controller itself (which is a relief), but there is no setting anywhere that I can find that fixes it or that could seem to be the cause for it, I dont use any sustain pedals, dont use the Pads on hold mode (or at all mostly) etc etc and to make it stop I have to either change preset or press the panic mute button, and even if it doesnt get stuck immediately, very often when stopping a pre-recorded set of MIDI inputs (A “song/track” so to speak) it will not stop either.

I will check now if there is any update available since this topic is so recent, but this has been going on for a number of updates and iterations now and I from what I remember Ive yet to see anything relevant being mentioned in any of the changelogs for involved software or hardware either.

This is driving me kind of crazy ):

EDIT: There was a new update for Analog Lab V available, I am downloading it to try now, even though it mentions stuck notes when changing presets, not a general problem of notes getting stuck (though I do often change presets in the middle of things, so maybe this is it and Ive never really made the connection), here is to hoping at least o/

EDIT2: First quick tests with the updated Analog Lab V seems promising, but I need to test more before I celebrate.

EDIT3: Did a little more testing (though not enough to say for sure) and I can say I have not encountered any issues yet, which is about an infinite amount of time longer than the time it has taken to encounter issues these last few months or so. Am carefully optimistic. (It would seem that my issue was indeed likely the whole Middle C problem as well, since I did test specifically for that before updating and it indeed gave me the trouble from that specific key (or actually the physical Middle A key for me, since I usually keep my synth transposed a little bit out of habit), and the reason why Arps seemed to have worsened the problem is most likely just that the arp rhytms Ive been using have a more than decent chance of hitting said key during any play of a melody).

This will be a nervous few days of seeing if the issues come back or not >_<

EDIT4: Been playing around for a few hours now and Ive not had an issue with this yet. :slight_smile:

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