Analog Lab V: Master Control not showing on custom presets on Playlists?

I’m just learning how to make playlists within Analog Lab V from my Liked list, but noticed something odd earlier tonight. For my presets I’ve tweaked and saved as custom into my own bank, and liked, and dragged into a playlist, these presets do not show any of the Controls such as the Master Volume on the screen as they do on the Liked view. I will see if I can get some screen shots on here. [Correction-- I’m new here so I can’t quite do that yet] My controller is a KL essential 49 mk3 and I’m running this on a Mac Mini m2 Pro. Not sure if this is just me or something already reported, I scrolled up a bit trying to see if this was posted already.

HI @jac37040 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Sorry to hear about this, if you’re on Windows, then it’s probably an idea to trash the ‘db.db3’ file, which you can find here, C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets, unless you have your Arturia resources file on a different drive, the above path will still take you to its location though, as i’ve just tried myself as it’s been a while since i needed to do so.

Once you’ve done this, open ALV again and wait a few mins, depending on how fast your system is, to let ALV rebuild its database.

Let us know how you get on as others might have the same issue at some point.


Thank you I will try this–I am on a Mac but I am sure there is a similar database file that can be rebuilt.

Hi @jac37040

As far as i’m aware the file has the exact same file name, so you should be able to just do a search for it on your system.