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Just wondering; Ive been doing the V Collection since the very first one. V Collection 9 was the last one I downloaded. And I wanna say that sometimes I got the upgrade to the next one free, or it updated automatically. Im guessing with the V Collection 10 (if I already have 9) there are no freebies? I have to buy it ALL, even if I just need the new stuff on 10 that wasn’t on 9?

If that’s the case, is it really worth the money to buy all of 10 when I already have 90% in owning all of 9? Considering the projects and bands I’m doing now, I think my pallet is already full of more than I could use in 3 lifetimes. Yeah? Nay?

When does one stop upgrading and just get to work? Or am I missing something I’m going to really regret (FTR: I can’t imagine not upgrading the FX Collection 1 to FX Collection 4, which doubled the number of my Arturia FX).

Any input would be greatly blah blah blah…

First of all I’m not Arturia staff, so take all this as unofficial, and definitely just opinion.

In all the years since I bought my very first V Collection (VC4), Arturia have never offered upgrades to a new V Collection for free. They often give purchasers of the more-recent V Collections a free upgrade to the latest Analog Lab, but not to the entire V Collection. That’s a completely unreasonable expectation.

However as an existing V Collection owner, you will get a preferential price if you upgrade to VCX. Whether or not the upgrade price is worth it to you is going to be a personal thing. If it isn’t, don’t upgrade. (From the launch of VCX last December through to January 8th (IIRC), there was a seasonal offer where the upgrade price was even further reduced.)

The common theme that threads like this usually collapse into is hypocrites expecting Arturia software engineers to work for a minimum wage and give away the fruits of their labour for free or nearly free, while the complainants themselves expect to be paid reasonably / handsomely in their own particular careers. If if you only pay peanuts, all you’ll get is monkeys.

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All good. I can’t remember which upgrades I got comped, but I do know is was quite a few years ago. Until they do new FX, I think I’m good for now…

They do have cheaper upgrade/crossgrade fees.

Plus, if you have already bought plugins from the new bundle, your personal offer does take that into account and so deducts the money spent off your personal price for the bundle.

But if you want to save even more money then you could wait for the upgrade sale. I think there’s one usually around Black Friday. Not sure if there are any others.

Wait for Black Friday. This past one, I had US$149 come up as the price for V Collection which is stupid cheap. I think there is a summer sale as well around end of June. Make sure you’re logged in on the website and the prices will drop.

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There is an “Arturia Days” sale on now. I can’t see it getting cheaper than it is currently.

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