Analog Lab V collection buggy?

Hi. I’ve got the V collection, version (arm64), M2 mac mini 16gb, Ventura. Since the update/upgrade, getting stuck notes from sustain on all the instruments as far as I can tell. I did write arturia, they got back to me fast, known issue and told me I could use MIDI control center, turn off sustain—but that’s not very workable. And that the individual instruments don’t have this issue. Though… it’s been weeks, and it seems surprising this issue hasn’t been fixed yet, it’s pretty basic (not sure basic for the programmers, but a very basic usability issue).

I’ve had some other issues I’m noticing too. The find similar sounds function seems to be failing a lot more than usual (I always wonder why it fails, there doesn’t seem to be any particular pattern). But I’m also getting situations where part of my menus disappear, clicking on some patches on various synths randomly tanks/quits out, etc.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these things and if anyone has any idea when a stability update may be coming.


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I’m having the same issue with stuck sustain pedal on random notes on Win 10 PC.
Waiting for the V Collection update fix.

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Thanks for responding. They did tell me that’s a known issue and would be fixing soon, but it’s been a little longer than I’d have thought for a basic function. I’ve been having other bugs too, like I wrote

Truth is, Arturia has been really responsive and generally my favorite company . I don’t have other favorite companies—I think they’re real solid though

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Hi, I opened earlier the Arturia Software Center, so that I can update to Pigments 5, and interestingly I saw an update for Analog Lab, and in its release notes, the described issue seems to be fixed. Maybe you should have a look?


Thanks! I just did the same. Mine was a little confusing—my old analog lab pro (and the icon) were replaced with X collection and I installed before I realized I should’ve checked the release notes. But I’m thinking it’s the same and hope it fixes you up too.