Analog Lab Pro new presets

I just updated the full version of Analog Lab V to the Pro version. It looks like there are new presets, but I have no idea what they are. Is there a list of the new presets that were added?

There is a free collection of 32 presets (I assume to mark the release of Analog Lab Pro) called “Modern Lab” on the Arturia site. I just installed them.

Is this what you are reffering to?

Thanks for the info. When I updated Analog Lab, I noticed that the preset count increased by 89 presets, but I don’t know what was added. The new Modern Lab sound bank looks to be separate from what was added to the update. I compared the 32 presets in Modern Lab to the presets after I updated Analog Lab and can confirm that the Modern Lab presets are not part of the update.

Yes, there is a list of the new presets that were added in Analog Lab V Pro. You can find the list on the Arturia website:

The new presets are organized by category, including Bass, Leads, Sequences, Pads, Effects, and Percussion. There are also a number of new Multi presets, which combine two sounds in a layer or split them across your keyboard for simultaneous playability.

I hope this helps!

Hi. The link takes me to a YouTube video from December 2021. Not sure if that’s what you intended.

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