Analog Lab Creates It Own Macros Overwriting The Custom Macros You've Created

Why is that when creating a sound from the Default preset in a plugin like Modular V, and you make your own custom Macros, when you open the preset up in Analog Lab your macros are gone and are inaccessible from where the macros should be?? Analog Lab creates its own macros disregarding what you have created.

This only happens SOMETIMES and I notice it happens more with the older model plugins (Modular V, Mini V, Synclavier, SEM V etc.)

I am trying to figure out the hack to why this happens. Seems like creating a new preset on top of an existing preset helps but this is annoying to have to do each time.

See Photo.


I can confirm this.

It work if i change the Macros in AL. Then the preset works correct when opened in both AL and in the full application.
But if i change the Macro in the full application, then it does’nt work in AL.

Also i have tried some old presets, and can see that the same error is present in my old selfmade presets when opened in AL. The Macros i have made in full application is not present through AL, but only in the full application.

I have tested Modular V3 and Mini V3 only.

Yup but the difference is, with these older plugins, Analog Lab doesnt let you choose min/max parameters and also doesnt let you rename them

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Recreated it on top of another existing preset and it works now… There must be something off with that Default preset

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This is still a bug in Arp2600 V3, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, Farfisa V, Macrix 12 V2, Modular V3, and SEM V2. I have tested with over 300 custom presets. If parameters matched in the original instrument cannot be assigned as macros in Lab. I wish Aurturia coul dmake a script to fix existing patches.

I would not have thought of the default preset as problem problem until QAPT mentioned it.