Analog Lab Crashing

I always used analog lab V, but yesterday I updated it, and it seems to me that it now calls analog lab Pro, but all my projects that used analog lab no longer open in ableton, and the serius program error appears. I opened projects that didn’t use analog lab and they all worked perfectly, someone help me!!! please !!!

i5 9400f
16gb ram
gtx 1660 Super
1t Hd
220gb SSd
Focusrite 2i2
Ableton Live 11

everything was fine, the arturia software just carried out the update without overwriting the old plugin and even performing the uninstallation through arturia it didn’t remove it, I had to go to steinberg → vst and remove them all manually and reinstall the analog lab, after that it worked, I’ll leave the topic in case anyone goes through this Thank you!

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HI @hatmaniakk . Welcome to the community.

I understand you solved it. Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes strange things happens. Hard to tell why.